Masterboards - Working through my stash! Calendar pages, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, tape, paint, etc

Here are some of my more recent masterboards. I usually forget to take pictures when finished (and you can see one I had cut into smaller pieces before I though to photograph it). I like having the pictures for my own reference though so I am going to try and photograph more in the future :slight_smile: I’ll try to list the materials I used (as best as I can remember) under each picture.

These three were made with an old calendar picture as the base:

Tissue paper with metallic elements, paper scraps from book pages, washi tape, pearlescent scrapbook paper, torn pieces of a masterboard I made before but didn’t like. Paint colors were pink, purple, and silver.

Torn book page text, torn book picture, napkin, black watercolor paint, gold & orange acrylic paint.

Torn book page text, torn book picture, pink & blue tissue paper, yellow & blue watercolor paint, gold & purple acrylic paint.

And these were made on top of scrapbook paper:

Sticker remnant/background, tickets, washi tape, napkin, white spray ink, pink & green paint.

Stamped images with orange, pink, and green. Book page text with a variety of watercolor colors, rainbow napkin, washi tape, tissue paper with metallic elements, purple & blue paint.

black ink, stickers from my work with barcodes & numbers, metallic paper, napkin, paper cut from a puzzle book, white spray ink.

Bright colored paper scraps, washi tape, rainbow napkin, white & yellow paint.

Thanks for looking! :smile:


Great colors and compositions! Can’t wait to see them pop up in other pieces. :smile:

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I think I’ll have to watch a video on masterboards. I’m still fuzzy on the whole thing despite seeing many pictures and a photo tutorial. I really like the third down. The color scheme and those rings are fun.

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They are so fun and relaxing to make! I use them as a way to de-stress when I just want to make something without thinking. Basically just pile stuff onto a piece of paper then cut it up for future crafting :slight_smile: I highly recommend it! There is no “right” or “wrong” way and if you don’t like what you make it’s no big loss. I have been tearing up my least favorites and using them as layers for new masterboards :sweat_smile:

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They are also a great way to practice and experiment with color schemes and techniques :grin:

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Yours are great, @Reinikka! Thanks for sharing all the elements that go into them.

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I love all of them!

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Fantastic! The first super busy one is just great, so much action.

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These are awesome. I’m super excited to see what the ticket one in particular looks like broken down.

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These look awesome! I love the bright colors on a dark background for that last one.

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