Mildly-snarky Birds holiday notecards, or maybe gift tags

These have been in the works since @crafty-becky sent me a bunch of winter bird stickers in a past swap. They may be my holiday cards this year, or just go out in swap packages during winter.
In an attempt to blend the stickers in, I made a mess with various stencils, handmade stamps, and markers on and around them. I pieced together often inappropriate found phrases (inspired by Effin Birds and the overall feel of 2020, though there wasn’t very strong language in the book I’m pulling text from) and got a little too ink-happy with some, so they’re not as easy to read as I had hoped.

The clean, crisp aesthetics of most handmade cards is not in my crafting wheelhouse …but at the other side of the spectrum these kinda look like Santa vomited… So I’m adding a coat of gesso to do some cleaner final layers. I don’t know if I want to do that with all of them, but they still look unfinished to me. Maybe they’ll become gift tags instead, not sure yet. Your thoughts?

Anyhow, here are some:

(I did make some normal message ones too, since honestly we’ve just got to be kind to one another this year. The whole project is mainly to amuse myself :laughing:)


I love these! I like how they’re a bit polite in their snarkiness, too- “really the pitch (?) height of impudence”! :laughing:


lol, these are great! My favorite one is the bird that sleeps in, taking it easy because ‘the food is decent enough’. heeheehee :smile:

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I had to laugh at “keep your pecker up”… I’m guessing it may have meant something different when that text was originally written…:joy:

…and yet, somehow strangely appropriate for a bird!

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heehee, these are fab! hell! golly! crikey! my hat!!

Love them as they are, but I’m sure you could have fun developing them some more too.

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You had me at mildly snarky. Egads and golly, how I love these! :heart:

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They are delightful!
I think they are great as is but if it makes you happy to add more stuff, go for it!

Love all the quotes and it looks like you had a ball making them. :joy:

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Hahahahaha! These are all great! Love the 3 chickadees. Santa vomit is kind of my card making style too! :laughing:

Exactly! It was a really weird thing to find, mixed in with various encouraging sayings, and there’s really no reuse for it if not with a woodpecker. :smile: Apparently it had the same meaning as “keep a stiff upper lip”, so why was it even a necessary saying, if not to plant the seed for innuendos of the future?
Google Ngram shows it as being most commonly used from the 1870s-1930s, with a big resurgence after 2000…probably in a very different variety of books!

I laughed over so many of these. Hilarious! Your brain has good squiggles!

good squiggles

That’s a very kind way of putting it. :rofl:

Thanks, y’all!