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New Friends have been made and new goodies have been shared! Let’s see what they are!
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Lettuce Craft’s Newest Friends
sent :green_square: (date)
received :red_square: (date)

@Ewulotta :green_square: :red_square: (3/11/21) and @seeuudee :green_square: :red_square: (3/15/21)
@mel :green_square: (Int’l Shipping Postal Problems) (3/7/21) Resent 4.18.21 :red_square: and @curiousfae :green_square: :red_square: (3/6/21)
@raury :green_square: :red_square: (3/11/21) and @Bugaboo :green_square: :red_square:(per tracking) (3/16/21)
@MightyMitochondria :green_square: :red_square: (3/6/21) and @saintcady :green_square: :red_square: (3/9/21)
@whistlefish :green_square: :red_square: (3/15/21) and @marionberries :green_square: :red_square: (3/16/21)
@Lynx2Lancer :green_square: :red_square: (3/2/21) and @jemimah :green_square: :red_square: (3/3/21)

Post your goodies below!


I get to be the lucky first to report in! My partner is @MightyMitochondria and we discovered we have A LOT in common. It’s been a fun swap and I was nicely spoiled. :heart_eyes:

This is a cool knot style bag that I have already put a project in. It is the perfect size, is reversible, and is a gorgeous black batik on the inside.

This is a pretty forest & woodgrain mask and a Pawnee pin (we both love Parks & Rec). She was worried this was too loud for me, but not to worry! My usual is galaxy, but I also rock game controller and rubber ducks on the regular. :wink:

And this cool collection is a Bernie candle, a corner bookmark, bat keychain, and a chaotic good goose badge which is seriously the coolest thing ever and I love it so much.

Thank you, friend! This has been a blast!


I love this start to our gallery! My favorite is the silly chaotic evil goose badge! The Bernie candle is really fun! The fabric on the knot style bag is really pretty and bonus that it is reversible! I don’t watch Parks and Rec so I don’t really get the connections to that, and even though I am certain that it is not connected, I have quite my own rubber duck collection myself. I’m so happy to hear that you two found lots of things in common!


Yay! I’m glad it all arrived safely. I had a hard time coming up with ideas at first, then I just couldn’t stop. I hope you don’t mind all the extras. I have been in a craft funk since January and swapping with you finally broke me out of it.
The chaotic evil goose is also my favorite. I found the image on Pinterest and it always makes me laugh.


OOO yummy goodies. What a great package to start us off. Guess I better get to the PO.

Love the bag, what a fantastic start to the gallery :smiley:


Such a great start to the gallery! I love it all

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I received from @saintcady and she sent me a truly AMAZING package! We agreed on extras. That is why we both sent a lot of stuff. However, saintcady went BANANAS with weird useful things for my biology classroom.

First, a 3-D printed dissection frog!

Next, this beautiful and accurate heart. My anatomy kids are going to love it!

Then, some heavenly Portland chocolate. Yes, you only see the box because I already ate it. Also, coffee that smells delicious. She also sent me some really cool Bernie Mittens earrings. I forgot to take a picture.

Last is a DNA model!! Look at this thing! It is beautiful, educational, and well made! I’m using her photos because I am going to let my AP bio kids put it together tomorrow.

Thank you, @saintcady for an amazing package and @Lynx2Lancer for organizing this fantastic swap. You ladies are the best. :heart:


@saintcady I am beside myself with excitement and this is @MightyMitochondria’s package! I wish I was in her class so I could play with these things and I am not even interested in science!

Mentally adding 3D printer to wish list while frantically underlining laser printer to my wish list!!!


Yay! Glad you like it and hope your students like it too!


that is super cool!! love the 3D printed frog!! mind blown!!

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I just tortured my Ap Bio kids with a brutal test. They will be overjoyed to play with your toys for a change. :slight_smile:


All of it is wow, but that DNA model is just amazing!

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Fun heart-felt project. :laughing:
And I love that interpretation of DNA. Great learning tool.


My box from @Ewulotta arrived at lunch time, but as I had to work this afternoon, it has been sat beside me, taunting me the whole time. And it was good that I didn’t know there was chocolate inside, otherwise I may have opened it earlier :rofl:

And then when I did open it, there may have been squealing!!

First up, such a pretty view on opening…

And look, there is chocolate just peeking through :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In the stripy paper was a wool fairy and she is just divine. She has told me that her name is Amethyst and she is already hanging right by my desk. She makes me smile every time she catches my eye

The second parcel contained a mug rug, because Ewulotta is a tea addict, and it is just perfect. The colours are gorgeous

Then underneath that was the chocolate - some may have already been sampled whilst I read the letter :roll_eyes:

There was also this amazing sounding book - we discovered that Ewulotta has stayed really quite close to where I live and I have visited her hometown a couple of times. This book is set in her hometown, in 1260, and I am so looking forward to reading it - it sounds very intriguing

And last, but most certainly not least, the most beautiful writing paper and matching envelopes

This came from a local shop near her

Thank you @Ewulotta for a fantastic swap and I cannot wait until you can travel to the UK and we can actually go for coffee/dinner/whatever, or alternatively I come there of course, whichever comes first!

And thank you @Lynx2Lancer for organising us all :smiley:


Lovely package and Amethyst is gorgeous! Wowwweeee

I’m so happy that you’ve received my package and even more that you like everything! I had so much fun making the fairy - I used to make those fairies before Emma was born but when I browsed through your Pinterest it came back to my mind :slight_smile:
Oh, and have you recognized the shape of the Cologne Cathedral on the mug rug :wink:
Thank you for being my partner! I’m already looking forward when we’re able to meet in real life (like in former times, ante-Corona times :laughing:)


That wool doll!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

The fairy is gorgeous, @Ewulotta! Look at all those chocolates! It’s fun to see international brands!

I love the story with the book, and the mug rug will be a nice place to hold her cuppa tea!

I hope things get back to normal sooner than later so you can meet in person!

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Thank you!
I started working on the fairy in the last LC Zoom meeting I attended a month ago :slight_smile: