Mommy and me - doggy edition

Guess what… I did indeed have just enough leftover from my summer playsuit to make my pup Rosie a matching t-shirt!! :dog2::heart_eyes:

I’m not standardly into the idea of dressing up your pets, but Rosie has pretty short fur and she gets cold really quickly (especially since she’s a senior gal now) so she has quite a selection of me-made t-shirts already :blush: I couldn’t resist making her one to match my outfit tho!

…it occurs to me that I say I’m not into the idea of dressing up pets… but she does also have a shark outfit… and a pink tutu I made her for a friend’s wedding… ahem

Anyways, I like her t-shirts to be more loose fitting on her lower back (else they creep down her body and pull on her neck), but next time I defo need to make the waist band a little smaller around to go around her skinny minnie waist!

Sorry for all the photos, she’s so adorable that I couldn’t decide which ones to use, so I’m adding all my favourites…

Hope you like! :sunglasses:
Loops xx

P.S. Oh, and her collar is me made too btw :wink: I make all her collars :grin:

(P.P.S. That’s her swatting me in the face with her tail whilst I scritch her butt for her!)


The cutest gals in the block!

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Just stop!!! So stinking cute!

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Yes! ALL the Rosie photos! And that really is a good color on her (and you!) :heart_eyes:


So adorable!!

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First, HOW DARE YOU APOLOGIZE FOR ALL THE ROSIE PICS! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Second, you two twinning is SO CUTE! ACK!

Third, the fit of her shirt is so good, even with the little extra in the waist. That way she has room for holiday dinners! And really like the way she accessorizes with a bright pop of tennis ball.


Mommy & Me fashion! I think this is the cutest. I need to see matching PJ’s at Christmas now. LOL!


@gozer Weeeeell as it happens I did that last Xmas:wink: I defo hope to do it again this Xmas tho, and with a more festive design this time!

@calluna Careful what you ask for, I just checked and I took 122 photos of her yesterday in that t-shirt, ha ha ha!!!

@TheMistressT And she defo takes after both myself and Mr Loops, she would eat all day if she could!! :wink: She is very picky about her fashion though defo, we usually let her choose which t-shirt and/or collar she wants to wear, or if she’s cold she’ll just go and pick out a t-shirt and bring it to us to put on her! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This cracked me up! It sounds like me taking pics of my son on the first day of school. You just gotta keep clicking to capture that ‘perfect’ shot.

Great job on both of your outfits! What a great way to use your extra material! And seriously, your human and dog clothes making skills are impressive!


That’s the CUTE-EST! I love when they realize that some of the dumb human stuff we do is actually helpful and makes them feel better/more comfortable. :two_hearts:


This is so fun!

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Gah! This is too cute!

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How adorable!

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This is too much cute for me to handle!! You guys look GORGE!!

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:hotdog: Hot diggity dog! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations!!! :tada:

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Oh, goodness! I love to see the bonding between humans and furry friends! You definitely have a bond with your gal! I love the t-shirt on its own…but to be matched to you…oh, goodness!

It is wonderful that you get so much joy from sewing for yourself and your furry companion…she is adorable and looks like she is quite happy in her new outfit!

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#goals. You guys are too cute in your matching outfits and now I want to do this with my dog everyday. They both look great. I love that color and pattern.

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Super cute shirt, for a super cute pup! Hello Rosie!

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How adorable!!

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Awww thank you so much, Rosie is woofing for joy, even though it’s too hot for her to wear her t-shirt atm! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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