Monster Swap 2024 - COMPLETED


Calling all monster lovers, whether they be movie monsters, cute monsters, creepy monsters, scary monsters, or mythical monsters:

Could your life use some additional monstery goodness? Are you looking for a new monster friend to add to your life?

If so, this swap is definitely for you!

Special note: LC will be hosting another Monster Jam in March 2024 and it’s the perfect time to make some items for the swap and save them to post during Monster Jam. All monsters posted to their own thread on LC during the month of Monster Jam will be entered into a drawing to win a monster prize! Here’s a link to peek at last year’s Monster Jam thread.

Lettuce Craft member who is organizing this swap: Kwality570
Sign-up date range: January 25, 2024 - February 2, 2024
Date to send item on or before: February 26, 2024
Limited to a certain number of people: No

Monster Swap Crafting Requirements

Participants will be required to create 1 Medium monster item or 2 Small monster item for their partners during the crafting period. If you would like to send extra items, please discuss with your partner before creating and sending.

What counts as a medium or a small?

By Size and Time:
Extra Small – under 1 hour – ATC, bookmark, vinyl decal, fridge magnet, stickers, masterboards, earrings.
Small – 2+ hours – pouches, ATC trios, TM patch, small artwork, dishcloth, set of 4 notecards, simple necklace.
Medium – 3+ hours – small amigurumi (6” or less), tote bags, basic scarf, hooplas (outline or felt), earring & necklace set.

**If you wish to participate, please send the following questionnaire to organizer @Kwality570

Please put this as the subject line: Monster Swap Signup - username


Monster Swap

Lettuce Craft username:

Email address:

Your full mailing address as to be written with your real name and country:

Would you be willing to ship outside your own country?

Are you at least 16 years old?

Any allergens in your home (animals or smoke)?

Do you have any allergies?

What are your favorite types of monsters (movie, cute, scary, mythical)?

Do you have any monster types you don’t specifically care for?

What types of crafts/projects would you be thrilled to receive?

Is there anything you would not like to receive?

What are your favorite colors and patterns?

Are there any colors or patterns you abhor?

Do you have a Pinterest or another online site to list?

Do you understand that tracking is required for shipping within the US and a image must be captured for International receipts?

Will you post in the swap thread once before you send this signup form?

Is there anything else you’d like your partner to know?

# Participant Partner Date Sent Partner
Select Feedback
1 Kwality570 marionberries In Progress.
2 Tapestry LindyBlues 2/14/24 In Progress.
3 Geekybookworm Erichanhime 2/20/24 In Progress.
4 Lynx Bunny1kenobi 2/8/24 2/16/24 Positive.
5 Gozer jeanneleigh In Progress.
6 jeanneleigh gozer In Progress.
7 marionberries Kwality570 In Progress.
8 Bunny1kenobi Lynx 2/16/24 2/20/24 Positive.
9 Myruka Geekgirl In Progress.
10 Erichanhime geekybookworm In Progress.
11 LindyBlues Tapestry 2/16/24 In Progress.
12 Geekgirl Myruka In Progress.
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Aw man…. You’re killin’ me! How the heck am I supposed to say no to this!!!?!!


I can’t believe I haven’t organized a monster swap on LC yet! I was astounded to see that there wasn’t a previous round when I was setting this one up! Isn’t that crazy?


That IS crazy!


Aaaaaaaaaaa tempted here too!!


Sent in my q. Couldn’t say no.

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Wait? There’s never been a MONSTER swap on LC? I’d be silly to not participate in the first ever LC monster swap.

(Sitting on the fence, seriously, but I think I could probably handle this.)

I’m now dreaming about all the monsters I could conjure up with my up and coming needle felting skills.


How many people are gonna answer: Kwality Monsters? Cuz, that was my first thought.


I was just going to say that you are the perfect host for this swap!!

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Hmmmm, I’ve been sketching monster ________ for a few days. Let me ponder overnight.


Ugh… torn between “do I have time” and “how can I resist”?


More monsters!! Yay!


Yes, I literally cannot resist. I have loved Kwality’s monsters for so long! This is perfect inspiration for a swap. Even as a little kid I found various monsters cute and lovable. :slight_smile: Definitely working on my Q! :cherry_blossom: :two_hearts:


I said I was going to learn to quilt but I have all year for that, and Monster Jam is headed our way. I need to fill out my questionnaire! Thank you @Kwality570 for hosting this!
@kittykill, I know you love monsters! I wanted to make sure you saw this.


So tempting! But do I have time and room on my dance card…

On the other hand I do have that new polymerclay tool and a LOT of clay just begging to be used for some monstery cuteness…


Ooh! Yes!


I think you do! :wink:


Oooh, clay monsters would be fun!


I heard the possibility of clay monsters, and here I am signing up! But, I also listed paper items (it’s really hard to find paper address books nowadays and I’m in need of a new one) and other things.

I’m excited!