Join in Anytime! March into Monster Jam 2023

It has returned!!!

Join our March into Monster Jam Monsteralong this March 2023!

Show us your monsters! This month long monster craftalong is for monsters of all types/kinds. Whether you like movie monsters, cute monsters, scary monsters, little monsters, big monsters, sewn monsters, crocheted monsters, painted monsters, monster ATCs, etc. this is the place to show them off.

Anyone who creates a monster related post and mentions it here in this craftalong during the month of March 2023 is eligible to win a prize. Details for prize coming soon!

You can always check out our previous Monsteralong here:


Yay! We are officially open! Add your Monstery goodness here!


This is Snuggles.

She likes rocks, rainy days, and tacos.
She’s always wanted a pet cat but they seem to disappear around her.

Gel pen and colored pencil.


Snuggles is so cute! Love the glittery touches.

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Can’t understand why the cats would run away … Mine would’ve enjoyed batting at those eyestalks. (But if Snuggles actually has a taste for cats, maybe the eyestalks are bait?) Cute as a monster can be!


Snuggles is so sweet! I love her purple coloring.


So cute!! I love the vibrant colors and the eyestalks.

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This is Taffy.

She likes tuna and banana sandwiches, watching wrestling, and dust bunnies.

One day she hopes to be on Jerry Springer.

Alcohol marker and micron pen.


My thought is like an Ooze monster from World of Warcraft or Dungeons and Dragons, Snuggles will inadvertently “absorb” the kitties.


Both of these guys are so cute! I love all of Snuggles’ eyeballs and how actually furry Taffy looks! You captured their personalities so well. I adore them.


So stinking cute!

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This is my first attempt. There will be more generations to come. I haven’t sewn in a very long time and had to relearn some stuff to make it.
I shall call her Eloise. She looks quite anxious!


Taffy is so fluffy! Eloise is cute; love her zipper mouth!


Eloise is perfect! What a fun little pouch.

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@gozer that is adorable!!! Love the eyes and zipper mouth and she looks so soft!

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@geekgirl You’ve got quite the imagination :smiley:

@gozer Eloise is sweeeeet

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In anticipation for Monster Mash I made this set for gozer in the IYP swap.

Michigan Cryptids


I like how Nessie just gets re-branded with a different first syllable for different bodies of water-- we have “Chessie” here in Baltimore Harbor/Chesapeake Bay, and when we had a wandering manatee one summer they got named Chessie also.

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