Mrs. Mantis Comes to Town

I participated in @Edel’s Corona Virus Challenge Chain by claiming @craftADDchick’s prompt: insect.

My first try was really bad (posted in the challenge-along), and looked more like anything other than what I was going for. So, I decided to skip trying paint, and go back to marker and crayon. I had felt pretty confident with these supplies making atcs last weekend.

I decided to draw a praying mantis. I also decided to put her in a setting that doesn’t make sense. Maybe that will help me remember the word “juxtaposition.”

I decided to draw a city which gave me the opportunity to learn and practice perspective this way.

I drew Mrs.Mantis first, then drew the city around her. The brick road and the sun piece were done last.

Drawn on a 6x6 piece of paper using Bic Markers and crayon.

Thanks for looking.


oh you know we were just teasing you! ha ha You are a good sport…

I definitely think this one shows off your drawing much better…but, don’t give up on paints, either…just maybe not insects…ha ha

I love how you added the the city around her…interesting method…I do the opposite…

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Yes, I know! The other was way too hard to paint. It would have been hard to draw, too. I love this one, though!


I do not want to meet her out for a stroll! Pretty sure she starred in an old scary movie, giant bugs downtown, yikes!

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