Mushroom pincushion

I was cutting up felted sweater bits for a different craft when inspiration hit!

The cap is angora, ooh so soft. The stem and base are both cashmere, because I’m fancy like that.

Sequins and beads, a bit of vintage doily lace and some of that yarn for making dish scrubbies (it’s so excellent as grass).

The base is a plastic juice bottle cap with some heavy nuts and bolts E-6000ed (ya, that’s a verb now) into the bottom. There is a skinny dowel inside to keep things from flopping over.

Oops, didn’t crop that photo very nicely did I. Oh well, this was an emergency “I am stressed and need to craft” middle of the night project. Not too shabby, all things considered.


E6000ed is totally a verb.

And…this is the cutest!

I was thinking of adding more of that grass, maybe spiraling out from the stem to cover the seam, what do you think? And/or maybe some pebbles, more bits of sweater stitched on with big french knots… I don’t know, it could be finished as it is. Sometimes less is more but sometimes more is more, if you know what I mean :smile:

I wish I had some bigger white sequins to add in with those teeny ones. Anybody got some and want to send me 10 or so? I sure am not about to go out to the store right now LMAO.
I could just sew on a few little buttons, hmm…

Personally I think it’s finished as it is. It is fabulous!

I also think it is fabulous!

I was going to suggest some buttons…I love the idea of using nuts and bolts to weigh it down…I have bags of that stuff…

Super duper cute!

This is so wonderful! I love the little details of the lace and the grass.

I love this! A little felted moth or snail or something perched on the earth would look so cute!

That is super cute!

So adorable! Wish I could feel the softness… It looks finished to me, but of course adding things can be fun, too!

Pretty spectacular for a middle-of-the-night whim!

I have snail shells saved from the garden! I think I would like to make a teeny one though, I wish I had one of those tiny whorly shells, they are the best for mini snails.

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you’ve convinced me. i need my own 'shroom. i have the fabric, now i just need to make the things.

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I knocked this one out in just a couple of hours. You can do it!

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I love cute mushrooms. These are amazing. Awe!!

Very sweet!

Wonderfully detailed! I can even imagine the pins as little fruiting spores on the log with the mushroom.

It is so pretty! And that the fabrics, angora and cashmere sweaters, are just so fancy :smile_cat:

@Pigeon said she wanted this so it’s hers now. I had to make myself another pin cushion, mushroom of course :smile:

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