My 8 themes 4 day blitz Set

I had so much fun coming up with atcs for @alteredmommy’s 4 Day Blitz Challenge!
Prompts 1-4 were completed collage style on masterboard backgrounds.
Prompt 1: rainbow
Prompt 2: Words
Prompt 3: Astronomy
Prompt 4: Hearts

Prompts 5-7 were collaged using postage stamps and other ephemera.
Prompts 7-8 were painted with Liquidtex Basics
Prompt 5: Maps
Prompt 6: Ephemera
Prompt 7: Spring
Prompt 8: Home

Here are close ups of the painted pieces.

The background has 3 layers.


While we are currently “social distancing,” we know home is in our hearts and the people and places we love and may have to miss for quite some time. I made a mashup of places from the ocean to mountains that I love.
(Ps mountains are hard to paint)


Love seeing your ATC’s altogether-what a great mix of collage & painting…not to mention juicy colour :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the super fun challenge!

They look great as a set. I love them

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I love your home and space themes! Great work!

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You have been busy! Each one is so unique and wonderful.

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All great! My favorite is the space on!

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@audity Yes, the space one has a lot going on and it’s fun! Thank you.

@kittykill Thank you! It’s nice to keep busy–especially nowadays!

@JoyfulClover Thanks! Those two are as different as can be! The space one is so “not-my-style” so it was fun to do!

@Edel Thank you.

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