My crochet puzzle balls

I’m slightly obsessed with these. The blue one was my first, then the pink, then the teal/purple. After I made and gifted the blue one, I had the idea to make them noisy. So one ring gets squeakers, one gets rattles, and the third has crinkle paper! From now on every baby born in my extended family gets one of these.


Whoa! That is way cool!

These are so clever! Your work is very neat! Love the colors.

I like unusual crochet projects! These are neat!

Can you share the pattern?

These are fantastic!!

I ditto @AIMR … is there a pattern to share?

These are fascinating! Well done.

Here is the pattern


These are really cool and unique!

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Very cool project!

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They are fascinating! And even more amusing with noisy bits inside, total baby entertainment for hours!

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Oh my gosh, these are amazing! I don’t crochet AT ALL and my grandbaby NEEEEEEDS one of these!!!:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Thanks for the link.

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Very cool! Great color choices. I bet my nephews would love these.

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I’ve sewn a couple of these, but never made crochet ones! I love how they fit together! like squishy puzzles! Great job!

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Do you have a pattern for a sewn one? I think the crochet ones are beyond my level of crochet skills…

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I’m sure I kept it, but it might be on my hard drive. And I’m thrifty, so I’m pretty sure it was a free one as well. Standby…

Here is a tutorial:

WAIT! here is one, that can also be an OCTOPUS! and has a free printable pattern:

Thank you and @Dooney for bringing these to my attention!

I love that people find and make such interesting things that I would never know about since I do not have kids or grandkids…but, I do have loads of friends who have both so I am always looking for gifts I can make that are unique, and these are the coolest things I have seen lately!

I hope I can get something made before my nephew and his wife have their second baby boy in May! It took me two years to make a blanket for the first one! ha ha

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@AIMR check out the octo one I posted above, as well!

@Dooney! you started a movement!


Really well made and I LOVE that you put stuff inside!! Great idea!

What did you use for crinkle paper? I hadn’t found it in the wild but I’ve heard you can just use cereal bags.