Ninni Swap Gallery - Send Outs Aug 23rd

Ninni pile

Let’s see all of those wonderful Ninni creations!
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Reserved for Partners:
gozer ↔ jillybeans
photojenn ↔ AIMR
marionberries ↔ artsycandice
Lilyleaper ↔ jillybeans


Reserved for Participants:
Sent: :tada:
Package Received: :gift:
Late with Communication: :running_woman:
Contact Organizer: :nauseated_face:

@gozer :gift: :
@photojenn :gift: :
@marionberries :gift:
@Camelama :tada:
@artsycandice :gift:
@AIMR :gift:
@jillybeans :gift: : :gift: :

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Our Ninni gallery will be so cute. Let’s fill it up!

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I received my Ninni package from @AIMR!

She’s so cute! And she even has on her black leggings :joy:

She’s got her art bag with her, complete with paint splatters of course.

And you might be wondering what’s inside her bag…

At this point I was in awe of how great everything was and then I opened the journal and my jaw nearly fell off…

It’s filled with my art journal pages from the zooms we’ve done!

Thank you @AIMR for the amazing swap package! She’s about to go up on my mantel after I finish this post :slight_smile:

Now I need to step up my game… eep!


Oh my goodness! Talk about swap anxiety! The Ninni is adorable, but @AIMR took it to the next level with the book containing your art journals. Phenomenal start to the gallery. Wowza!


No anxiety allowed. ALL Ninnis are adorable. I just got a partner that shared a common thing…zoom art. Lucky me…lots of fun with a really simple NInni…so glad you like her…


Wow! That mini art journal is just so amazing and thoughtful (just like you, Linda!). Now I’m extra glad that I completely missed signups because that is epic and my swap anxiety would have quadrupled upon seeing this Ninni!


Wow!! I love the fancy accessory.So darn cute. The personalization of using your work is brilliant. Just…lovely.


Wow @photojenn, what Ninni happiness. I love the details and the mini journal pages are genius. It’s a ninni you. You can now art journal together.


I received from our awesome swap mod, @gozer !

To say that she totally got us is an understatement! She sent us a Mabel unicorn, which big bean named Mabelcorn. It is absolutely adorable! It’s soft fleece with silky yarn hair. Big bean has claimed it as her own. :wink:

At home in Big Bean’s bed.

Big bean and Mabelcorn. <3

Thanks, Gozer! It was great to swap with you again! <3


Eep! Now I am so nervous for my ninni’s to arrive!!! I hope you guys love them. :grimacing:


Oh my, I love Mabelcorn. Ninnis never fail to amaze me. Their variety is astounding. Awesome! :unicorn:

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Mablecorn looks like she is going to fit right in. I love the pic with your daughter! So cute!!!

Too stinking cute! I’m also super jealous of that cozy bed/stuffed animal collection :joy:

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Lol! That isn’t even all of them! She doesn’t even have her large unicorn squishmallow on her bed! The girls and I love stuffies a little too much. :wink:


I got my package from @jillybeans . I have a cat names Yeti Pegleg and it love to get things inspired by her name. Jillybeans knocked it out of the park. Look how adorable this little ninni is!

She sent me super cute notes w a cat and scrumptious salted caramels!
But look at this little pegleg! Its so perfect!

Thank you so much. I love this little guy!


What a furry fuzzy ninni. The face! The peg leg!

Fun fact my great grandfather, an immigrant from Germany, lost a leg in a farming accident and had a wooden leg.


A packaged arrived from @marionberries today. The sun was out and there was a nice breeze so I went to the backyard to open it… Little did I know that the fella inside would leap out and bolt across the yard. I snapped a picture of him hiding in the grape vines then finally got ahold of him as he tried to climb the little apple tree… Bigfoot is native to the Pacific Northwest so I think he was just happy to be here. We are all settled in together now. :heart: Thank you so much!


OMG! Those toes! He’s adorable!

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What a super gallery! I’m sorry I missed joining but I am so enjoying the Ninnis!

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