Northern Lights Hoopla part 2

This is the sister hoop to the one I made last year.

This one was also for @JoyfulClover
Made in a personal swap.

I thought I had used up all my gray hand dyed cloth but licked out and had just enough to do this hoop also.


This is just gorgeous! I love the various colors you used in the water. So painterly and perfect!


This is so beautiful.

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They are truly, the most glorious pair of hoops. I love them, gg!!

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They are truly lovely…the feeling you get from both of them is very powerful…good vibes at @joyfulClover 's house!


Yes, my house is imbued with all the creative love!


The gray fabrics is absolutely perfect for this project and I love the shading of the water. Truly stunning.

I like how you did the northern lights, it really gives the right look to them.

I really like the texture of this piece.

Beautiful! I love the texture of the water and those northern lights - wow! The gray background is perfect! I feel transported away with this piece!

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WOW! You’ve really managed to use this fabric to it’s best advantage as the background for this super cool scene.

That is so cool! SO COOL! OMG!