The Stars At Night - July 2023 Craft Round-up

Since the beginning, humans have looked up to the night sky seeking answers and inspiration. Artists have been compelled to use their mediums to express their own wonder at the stars. LettuceCraft creatives look into their stashes and onto their workspaces to turn that inspiration into wonderful objects of art and craft, sometimes returning again and again to the source of inspiration that is endless.

Starry Skyscape on Wood by tendstowardschaos

The quilt the universe demanded by sloth003

Night sky watercolor by jemimah

Galaxy Skirt by poetrylover828

Night Sky Landscape Embroidery by tendstowardschaos

Open-wide velvet galaxy pouch by Magpie

Felted Things by Lynx2Lancer

Woodburning Trials by poetrylover828

Our Galactic Baby Lion by FrankenCher

Northern Lights 8x10 by Bunny1kenobi

Northern Lights Hoopla part 2 by geekgirl

Tiny Starry Night cross stitch magnet by photojenn

Painted Van Gogh Vinyl Figure by Danni


This is a beautiful collection.


This collection is out of this world cool! :milky_way:

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I think its great with these collections you make @TheMistressT ! So much inspiration and nice craft in one place!

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Eek! So much starry goodness! I love that so many crafters were inspired by the night sky to create art in so many different mediums.

(Thanks for including my art, too!)

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Such an awesome collection of starstuff! I’m honored to be included, coz there are some really amazing things here!


Wow, what a gorgeous array of projects!! I feel honoured to be in this company too.

These themed collections are great, I always discover something I missed first time around. It’s wonderful to go exploring and revisiting all the fabulous projects.


So many amazing pieces! So many gorgeous stars!!! :star2:

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