"Not Opes" Cross Stitch

My family and I have become obsessed with TruTv’s Impractical Jokers, and Sal’s “Not Opes” turn has become one of our favorites, so I decided to stitch it up! (The “Not Opes” part starts around min 2:27 in the video.)

I have not cross stitched in YEARS, but knew I wanted to do that instead of hand-embroidery for this one. While at Walmart, I looked to see if they had aida fabric, but they did not. However, they had a kit for another pattern, so I purchased that kit (for the fabric and the hoop was a bonus, although I reused a smaller hoop for this project.) I used the turquoise thread from the kit to stitch this up, too.

Using the stitchpoint Amsterdam font , I created my Not Opes letter pattern, although I had to figure out the spacing I wanted. I also figured out the border myself.

Now I can proudly show my “Not Opes” sign and completed @endymion’s not officially claimed “sign” prompt in the Coronavirus Challenge Chain Craftalong.


ha ha ha Did they ever find the Not Opes girl?

I don’t know, but she was great!

Fun! I’m glad you did the prompt. I’m at work, so I can’t look at the video yet to see what it’s all about… the suspense is killing me!

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This is great!!! We love Impractical Jokers at our house, too!

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