Oma's Dutch ginger butter cake

This is an old family recipe. I haven’t had this anywhere else so I’m not sure if my grandma invented this. It’s extremely easy to make. It’s traditional Dutch boterkoek with a twist. It looks like “butter cake” is a common translation for boterkoek but it’s not completely right. In Dutch, cookie = koekje and koek is basically a large cookie, the size of a cake. You make a dough, not a batter, and it won’t rise.

Oma’s gemberkoek

350 gr flour
250 gr butter, room temperature
200 gr sugar
Little bit of vanilla essence
125 gr shredded stem ginger in syrup (for Dutchies: half a jar of AH Bakgember)
A few more pieces of stem ginger to decorate

Put all ingredients except the pieces of stem ginger in a bowl. Knead into a ball. Transfer the ball to a buttered pie/quiche/brownie pan or spring form, I use an 11" quiche pan. Flatten with your hands into a round shape. Bake 20 minutes at 180C.

Leave to cool before taking it out of the pan, like a cookie it’s soft at first. It’s very rich so you’re supposed to eat small slices. The cake can be stored in an airtight container for quite a long time (I’ve never seen one that had gone bad).


Mmm, I love ginger!

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At first I thought it was a turnover with apples, but now I see that those are candied ginger! mmmm I bet it smells great as well…

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This sounds delicious! I love ginger and had not heard of stem ginger, so I looked it up… I’m in trouble.


Stem ginger is one of my favourite baking ingredients! You can buy it in large pieces or pre-shredded in here. My grandma used to drink any leftover syrup in her tea.


It sounds like shortbread with ginger! What a delightful combination!

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It’s not completely like shortbread but definitely quite similar. I love anything ginger.

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My husband would love this.

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