Ongoing ATC Swap Gallery/discussion for 2023

It’s from a pen/marker.


I received a cool scratch art card from @AIMR! This was for my limited palette theme and she used oil pastels for the green layer and then black acrylic and soap for the over layer. Thank you! :slight_smile: And she also sent a tree ornament and handmade card (both with little birds on them!), thank you! :slight_smile:


A scratch card; how fun! Love the shapes of the plants.

I think this swap allows for experimenting with different techniques and medium. We have been doing reductive art in many of the lessons I have been taking online…it is way harder than one can imagine to paint over something you spent some time doing underneath! ha ha

Also, scratching can peel off more than you want, but you can paint over with the soap/paint mixture. Not sure I love this technique but it was fun to try!

@bluebird Of course there would be birds! ha ha ha :grin:


From @juju for my jester theme.

A jaunty colorful fellow

Thank you!


I was hoping he would be okay. Faces are something i need to practice on more. :blush:

He is a happy fellow and I just love the background!

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I think he’s great. I like that you explored outside your comfort zone. And you added lots of details and color.


The blue and purple and pink and teal are so beautiful together. And I love the way you embellished the background and the jester hat. Great card!

Here is my ATC from @Juju
She’s a Valentine Momiji doll! There are metallic pen elements, she just looks so sweet. The purple and pink pair well together. If you can’t read it, the little heart says “I :heart: U”

Thank you, Juju!


It was finally a day where it wasn’t snowing and I wasn’t ill or caring for someone ill so I could take a pic.


Aww, the doll is very sweet! :blush:

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I received my card from bluebird last night. She went with my animal theme, titled “cute elk”. She sent it in a beautiful envelope made by lynx2lancer. Thank you so much bluebird!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Elk bugles are so weird. What kind of future alien scientist is going to predict that it makes THAT sound?
It is a very cute elk.

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You’re welcome!:hugs:

Very cute Momiji doll, @Juju!

When reading about “Cute Elk”, I didn’t scroll down to see that there was a second picture. I kept trying to see an elk in the first picture!

Now that I see it, I can tell it is, indeed, very cute! (And it’s a pretty envelope @Lynx2Lancer made, also… it just doesn’t look like an elk.)



I have received a cute, sparkly Harry Potter themed card from @Juju! :sparkles: :owl: :blue_car: :zap: :red_hair: This is Ron, Harry and Hedwig in the flying car scene. :slight_smile: Thank you! :slight_smile:


The look on Ron’s face! Great card!

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You’re welcome! I drew their faces separate and fussy cut them and put them in position. Lol There was nooooo way i was going to be able to draw them in and i was determined to make it work! :joy: