Ongoing Ornament Swap 2021 Discussion and Gallery

Ou my stars, that is sweet giraffey goodness!


Regular mail is okay, it just needs to be resent if goes missing. Many of us sent letter rate as flat. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll update tomorrow.


What a cute giraffe. It is so sweet that it so loved so quickly.


That is adorable! :heart_eyes:


I absolutely love my art teacher ornament from @endymion! It’s so perfect!

I recently completed an alternative educator license course that allows me to teach art (this was brought on by an opening at the school I sub at), although I completed it too late to be able to teach this year. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m hoping (as is the principal) to get me in the building somehow to teach art.

Thank you!!!
:heart: I will treasure this.


An apple palette! So clever! So meaningful. Great ornament

Hopefully the principal can find a way to get you spreading the joy of creating really soon!


Hey everyone…sorry…I am back but I have some catching up to do with work, family, etc.

I did receive from @AntBee …amazing that I did as the side of the envelope was completely torn open but the ornament was still inside!

I forgot to put postage on my package to @endymion so hubby did not mail for me! I will send out Monday…sorry…I was in a rush to leave and thought I had left him instructions and all! UGH!


No problem!

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I found THREE lovely ornaments when I checked my mailbox!

First up, a fun glittery anthropomorphic tea, with a sweet holly holiday tag, some tea I can’t wait to try, and the cutest little card from @HeroicHatchling

The next one I opened was a gorgeous knitted heart from @mel - something about this wonderful yarn, the color and the design, feels very hygge to me!

And the last one I opened is this fantastic science themed ornament, with the greatest card, from @endymion. The beaded side is the molecular structure of the main component in cinnamon, and it’s counter-balanced with three colorful cinnamon sticks. I love this one so much, it really makes me want to work on building up my collection of science ornaments so I can do a science tree!

Thank you all so much! The holiday times have been a hard time for me since my dad died the week of Thanksgiving 2012, my mom died before him in Feb of 1999, and both of their birthdays are in December. It’s lovely to have little happy things that can remind me of the joy of the season, and bring out the joy of decorating. :heart:


Wow, this is so perfect - I love it! I hope you get your art teaching job!!

The little tea is so adorable! Such a cute expression. The “tea rex” made me chuckle, too.

The crocheted heart is wonderfully Hygge, indeed. I love the look of crocheted ornaments on a tree.

I’m glad you like the science ornament! (You may have to flatten it or straighten out some of the pieces from time to time, so that the bottom is a nice ring shape and the pearls stick straight out.)

I found a set of several of those cards when I was downsizing for moving. So several Lettuce Crafters got it (only if it fit into their ornament package.)


What great ornaments! That heart looks so cozy for sure!

@endymion, what a fun science ornament! You have such creative ideas!

Everyone, please check the claims list and pm me with any changes I need to make. Remember, I need pms when you send and receive that include your name, your sender/sendee, and the ornament in the pms. Thank you!


I’m glad you like the ornament. Sorry about the glitter. It looks like it escaped from the fabric tea bag and went everywhere! I thought the glitter was big enough and the weave of the fabric was small enough to keep it inside where it belongs. :open_mouth:


So many wonderful tea puns! The bag is so sweet and festive!

The knit heart just brings a warm sense of home to me. We need one on every tree

Cinnamon plus science! Perfect!


No worries at all! Thankfully the escapees were contained within the beautiful tissue you used to wrap everything up! Glitter will not be contained :grin: :grin: :grin: Once I shook off the excess, the remainder held well and didn’t seem to be shedding any more. I suspect there may have been a bit of rough handling through the mail.

I received the most adorable Grogu ornament from @Cyn-energy in the mail. It came in a beautiful insect themed mailer (that my daughter ran off with), with a great punny “raining cats and dogs” card (which is now up on the wall). Grogu himself is the best! He’s in his little floating pod, and he can come out to be played with. My son promptly put on his Mandolorian hoodie and took Grogu off to play. He’s been carrying Grogu in one pocket and girrafikins (the giraffe ornament) in the other. You all have made your ornaments so appealing I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll get to put any on the tree…but I sure have happy kids, so I can’t complain too much : laughing: Thank you so much!


Awww… That is so cute!

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I also received an ornament from @Cyn-energy today! It’s a fun, colorful ribbon candy ornament for my “sweets” theme.

It has little beads on the top and bottom, and glittery sugar!
I also received the funny “raining cats and dogs” card, too.
Thanks so much! I love it and it will look so sweet on the tree.


I love the ribbon candy ornament - boy my grandmother loved that stuff! We always got some from her at Christmas.


Love the little Grout with his pod. Being loved is better than being on a tree, I think.

Beautiful ribbon candy! My grandparents had them and the round sweets with the flower design in the middle. I thought they were magical and made by elves and a kid.