Ongoing Wish Swap 2022?

Who is up for another round in the new year? I would be willing to host it.


I’d love to do another round of this one. I really liked the previous ones!

Definitely would enjoy doing this one again, depending on the timing. :slight_smile:

I think there was talk of doing a “Secret Santa” style wish swap early in the year (January or February). What does everyone think about coordinating it so that the general wish swap would be at a different time?

I can do this one at any time. We can start it in Feb or March if the Secret Santa wanted to go in January.

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Tagging @thanate and @calluna, who were the ones talking about maybe hosting the Secret Santa swap.

Thanks! I probably won’t be able to do anything swappy in January, so I defer to thanate.

I’d like a regular wish swap

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I would also prefer to participate in a regular-style Wish Swap.

I think the conclusion we came to for the Secret Santa swap was more in the Feb/March kind of range, so don’t delay another OWS round on account of us!


Oh I’d love this

I might be up for a regular OWS swap :slight_smile:

Awesome! I will start sign ups January 1st.


I started the ongoing wish swap. Here is the discussion/gallery and the sign up page




Hey gang! I’ve started a summer OWS if anyone wants to join.