Ongoing Wish Swap Round 4 January 2022 GALLERY/DISCUSSION

This is the gallery and discussion thread for OWS round 4.
The swap:


This one sounds fun; think I’ll jump in.

Soooo EXCITED for this. Yall have no idea.

I’m jumping in. Been so long since I joined an OWS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I will definitely be trying to join this one at some point during the month. Keeping things bookmarked so I can check in often. :cherry_blossom:

It is such a fun easygoing swap.


I’ve been trying to write up my wish list post info but life keeps dragging me away. Hoping to get my you-know-what together by the weekend!

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I’m tempted to join… these are usually lots of fun!

I made a claim! Who’s next?


I’d like to! I’m adjusting my Q now. :cherry_blossom:

Eeep! I claimed @kittykill.

Made my first claim! Exciting :tada:

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I got my wishlist thingee written up last night and after I took so long mulling/overthinking what I could claim off KittyKill’s Endymion claimed. So then that was at like midnight so of course I had to overthink what off that list I could do and when I went to make that claim of course Sheep had beat me there haha!
Now I’ve been spending the day overthinking about the fact that I’ve partnered with Sheep twice in swaps not so long ago and maybe it would be more fun to receive something from someone else. So, here I am. lol :roll_eyes:


I just sent in my questionnaire! I can’t wait to be inspired and make a claim. :slight_smile: I LOVE this swap.

I claimed. Now I can relax about it, haha.


:sweat_smile: I get that feeling too when I’m hesitating to claim, but also want to claim.

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I’ve sent in my PM to sign up. I at least want the possibility to claim if inspiration and energy should happen to coexist. :slight_smile:

It’ll be ”interesting” since this is the first time I swap after Postnord changed how they treat packages that don’t fit in the mail box. Previously they left a note and I could pick it up. Now that’s a separate service and they can just leave packages next to the door/mailbox. Fun. But don’t worry, I’ll check what it means for international packages and write that info in my post…

So I ordered a supply for @kittykill’s item; depending on when it arrives, I might be a little late sending. We’ll see what happens.

Yeah, finally made a claim! woohooo


Hooray! I was able to make a claim. Only took me 3 edits to remember all the pieces… :joy: Happy to join the OWS for the first time! :cherry_blossom: