Ongoing Wish Swap Round 3 Spring Edition Gallery

I’ve added a few more things to my list.

I was just looking through your pinterest trying to decide between several options! :smile_cat:

I’ve been meaning to claim, but I’m still working on getting my list put together and spent some time reorganizing and tightening up my Pinterest swapping board. I hope to be able to claim soon!


My item looks good, but I need to get cracking if I want to process it in a certain way after the crocheting is done. It takes a fair bit of time to do but the results will hopefully be worth it.

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Hi @Annchen! I’ve just been packing up your surprise - hope to get to the post office today :smile:

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I just made a claim from @jemimah’s list! I can’t wait to get crafting!

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Yay! how exciting :smile_cat:

I received from @Bunny1kenobi! I will take pictures tomorrow, but she delivered a nice selection of masterboards just in time…I need more notecards for the happy mail swap! YAY!

I have worked on two small items for @ewulotta so I might be ready to claim again by this weekend!

I love the lists…but I tend to get lost in Pinterest world a lot…


I’m taking my project bag to my vaccine appointment. Eeee! So exciting, and I might get some crocheting done while I wait afterward.


@Kwality570 I saw your list and didn’t have a chance to claim you right now…but, I am trying to give away a bunch of random yarns and would be happy to send some to you as part of the Share it or Lose it group…are you looking for novelty yarns or solids or what? I use these for art projects, journals, weavings, etc. but I have way more than I will ever use…here is the link to see if there is anything you could use…

Some yarn samplers

I have sent out four huge baggies already and still have bins of the stuff…lol


I just got the most stupendously awesome handmade sketchbook from @Fonduie! Look at this!

It’s hardcover, with this cool and arty black and white cat pattern (love!) and polka dot button and ribbon closure. It is so beautifully made!

You can see here how neatly stitched the signatures are, although the pics don’t really do it justice. It’s got lovely paper for drawing, and the book is A5 and about an inch and a half thick - I can’t guess how many hours this took to make!

It is really special and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much Shannon!!!


Handmade journals are such a gift…we know it takes a lot of time and effort but the results are wonderful…and A5 is a great size!

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@Bunny1kenobi sent me a nice collection of masterboards! Look how pretty!

I am going to save a piece of each for my own art journal, but the rest will be turned into much needed notecards for the Happy Mail craftalong! Thank you so much!

She also sent me the most exquisite piece of wax printed fabric from Africa…it is very special! It is so cool that is printed on BOTH sides!


Oooh, so many beautiful colours and patterns! lovely!!

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Yay! So glad you like them @AIMR!! :kissing_heart:

OMGosh that notebook is so very very cool!!!

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Yay! I’m so glad it arrived safely and that you like it!


The journal is wonderful!
I can’t wait to see what you make with the masterboard. Fun stuff!

@Bunny1kenobi sent me the most perfect surprise! Look at this darling little tea cup and fun food miniatures! The card is wonderful too! Thank you so much!!!


Yay! How fun to see the teacup in its natural habitat! :laughing:

So adorable!!

What a lovely tea cup for your cupboard! It looks good being displayed amongst your other treasures!

Mini pretzels…and chocolates…so cute!

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