Ongoing Wish Swap Spring 2023 Gallery

I can’t believe I totally forgot to post the pics I took of what I received from @jemimah! Argh…brain fog!

First off…beautifully packaged! Of course, I will keep the tissue and tie! The bookmark is lovely as well!

The cutest clay ornament of a wombat! Plus a postcard with facts about wombats! Too cute!

A heart from my list…scrappy and it is a pin!

Finally, a set of beautiful notecards made with bits of watercolor paper! Love these and will have to be judicious in using them!

Thanks for picking me and sending some nice goodies!


So many wonderful things! :heart_eyes:

Lovely & fun mug rug @Cindy!

@Kwality570 That notebook cover is awesome!

The affirmation flag from @MightyMitochondria is seriously amazing! I love everything about it. And that dog pin is adorable :heart:

@jemimah did you make the wombat? So cute! I’m also loving the cards!


Lovely things @MightyMitochondria, and SO kittykill!


Yay, I’m glad you like your parcel @AIMR!

No, it’s from a local potter who lives in Wombat, and has a tiny shop there, “Made in Wombat”. Wombat is a little one-pub village about 15 minutes from where we live. I’m hoping she’ll offer some pottery lessons, she makes cool stuff!


@AIMR and @jemimah I love all of those treasures. The wombat ornament is lovely, the scrappy heart pin is super creative, and the cards have a fantastic color palette.


@Kwality570 sent this adorable bunny!!I love her soooooo much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! She sets on my TV stand where i can look at her. She’s the perfect "Get well " companion. I’m going to make her a dress or two. When i do, I’ll show you. Thank you again!


So sweet! I love her little nose!


This bunny is so adorable.


This bunny is just delightful @Kwality570!! She’s going to look really cute with a little dress too @Juju :rabbit:


Cute! Looks so well made too. I love the little nose and mouth :heart_eyes:


i love this gallery so very much!!

behold some more of @MightyMitochondria’s fantastic sewing…

now i need to go find a canadian stick to hang this baby up on the wall.

and you have no idea how much joy a bunch of vintage buttons on cardboard made me also. thank you for such a wonderful surprise!!


I have never made a sweary prayer flag before. It was so fun. It won’t be my last!


More wonderful scrappy sewing @MightyMitochondria!!


So many lovely items. :heart:

I finally made it to the post office; work was just hard to get around this past week. It was very interesting trying to ship internationally out of a small rural PO versus the city PO. Or maybe it was just this particular PO worker. Anyhow @jemimah’s surprise has officially embarked on its adventure!


So exciting!!

The PO here in our small NSW town is like that too - some of the workers seem very unfamiliar with how the international mail works. Parcels seem to arrive at their destinations safely though :smiley_cat:


I received a DELICIOUS package from @AIMR today! 10 skeins of silk embroidery thread, in such luscious colours, so pretty :heart_eyes:

It’s a dull rainy day here, the colours are more vibrant in real life.

Thank you so much Linda, these are wonderful, and I’m looking forward to making something special with them!


So glad you go them. I was worried that there was going to be some sort of import cost.

Anyone who has not tried silk embroidery thread should…it is beautiful to work with and gives such a nice dimension to your best pieces! Can’t wait to see what you make with them…I know you are doing some lovely little Japanese florals and that is why I picked these colors!


They’re beautiful @AIMR, and some of my favourite colours! Oh, and I forgot to say, thank you also for the copy of some of those fantastic Japanese designs, I forgot to include that in the photo. They will definitely inspire some stitching :smiley_cat:


@Reinikka sent me the most gorgeous journals. I know nothing about paper crafting, but I will do my best. The bright, tropical journal has some kind of clear, wrinkly paper that has a really cool texture. Both the tie and binding are sewn with rainbow thread. So pretty!
The tiny one has the coolest flower and great stained pages.
The one with the copper and bronze circles have really interesting prints on the inside and each page gets wider and wider. All three of these are fabulous. Reinikka has amazing paper skills. Thank you! I love everything.


They are beautiful! Looks like you got a sampling of the many paper crafting and journal making skills of @Reinikka !

Each one unique!