Operation Use Up Yarn Scarf 1 - Pink and White Gordana

When I first started crafting and when I joined the old site in 2011, my go-to craft was crochet. As the years have gone on, I have lost interest in working crochet, so this big bin of yarn has been sitting in my garage for years. I decided I needed to do something with it or donate it. So, I’ve decided I will work some scarves and probably some amigurumi (I used to love those) that I’ll actually then either donate or offer in a STS round.

My first yarn destashing used a blend of this white and pink yarn I had inherited from my grandma’s stash when she passed away. (There’s still more of both colors!) I do not know brand or type. It’s pretty soft and seems like a sock weight.

The scarf measures 60" x 10" and I used this pattern. One of the things I really liked about it is that the repeats were simple and easy to remember, which made it a good pattern to work up while watching tv.


A very pretty return to crochet for you!

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I love the colour, it’s very pretty! And it’s always a good thing to use up your stash (or donate it). You finished this pretty fast too.

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Great scarf! Cool that you are culling the stash, too. Your grandma would be proud!

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Glad you’re getting back into crochet! That scarf looks pretty, and soft! Several years ago I made a bunch of hats and then I donated them to school for the guidance counselor to give away. She said all but one was taken. I never did see anyone wearing one, but at least they were used by someone. I bet you could bring a bunch of items into your school and they would find happy homes :slight_smile:


Beautiful! If you’re looking to keep stash busting, I know Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation takes donations of hats and scarves. :heart:


If anyone wants it for themself or to give as a gift, send me a pm! I don’t wear scarves!

Pretty scarf!
And how wonderful that you rediscovered your love of crocheting.

Eh, I’m forcing myself…wouldn’t say I refound a love, but thank you for the compliment.

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I’ll look into that!

Ah well…
You’re making pretty stuff anyway!
That must feel good.

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