Our Covid/2020 Tradition Commemorative Ornament - 3 O'clock Cheese

A lot of us who have been mostly-at-home for most of this year, TheMisterT and I have developed some habits/traditions. The main one is Three O’clock Cheese!

What this means is that most days around 3:00p we have a few pieces of cheese on crackers. So when I spotted this glass cheese stack ornament on pre-Christmas clearance on December 23, I knew I better grab it. I didn’t have time to customize it until today, December 26.

I used my Sizzix Big Shot to cut a 2" circle made from gluing paper to each side of some chipboard. Then I used a clock stamp set to give it a clock face that I heat embossed. After that I added the rhinestones. Here’s the back of the “clock.”


Great tradition, great commemoration!

Oh gosh, that’s hilarious. I really like the idea of remembering some good things that came out of 2020. It might take a little effort but, like your terrific ornament, I think it’s worth it to try.

Thanks, @steiconi & @Magpie

You know, I should put 2020 on the back of the watch so when this ends up in the estate sale when we die it has some context/is even more confusing.


Yeah 'cause it would make sense if it was alcohol.
Cheese is delightfully mysterious.

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BAHAHAHAAAA! I do wonder at the reception of some of my treasured things when they end up at a thrift store or estate sale. “What are all these framed empty tubes of toothpaste about? Was this lady crazy or just weird?”


I like that tradition! The clock is neat!

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Awesome. I love the customizing of a found ornament to make it personal. Also, I want to visit your house for 3:00 Cheese.

Thanks, ladies!

@MistressJennie Someday we will again live in a world where we can gather together to break bread. And by “break bread” I mean “eat cheese at 3:00.”

Love it!
Also, I find it funny that a cheese ornament existed in the shops :yum:

Great tradition, and I love your one of a kind commemorative ornament.

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This is adorable!

I worked at an estate auction many years ago, and yeah, there was some odd stuff. His garage was FULL of telephones. Various eras. Then there was also a well-used whip which in and of itself wasn’t that odd, but in conjunction with the giant box of dildos… kind of made us wonder about things we didn’t want to wonder about. :flushed: Your toothpaste and cheese are so much more delightfully quirky!

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Oh my! Yeah, there is something about the FULL contents of a deceased person’s home that can lead to TMI.

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