Owl Post Swap Gallery

Owl Post Swap Gallery

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:owl: MistressJennie โ€”> momiemae :gift:
:owl: momiemae โ€”> MistressJennie :gift:

:owl: Abbeeroad โ€”> seeuudee :gift:
:owl: seeuudee โ€”> Abbeeroad :gift:

:owl: AntBee โ€”> sheepBlue :gift:
:owl: sheepBlue โ€”> AntBee :gift:

:owl: = SENT
:gift: = RECEIVED

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Ok, everyone, the gallery is cracking itโ€™s knuckles and about to lay down some serious awesome on yoโ€™ bad selves. Feast your eyes on this:

How cute and funny is that card? Itโ€™s now in the china cabinet for all to ogle.

A box which MUST have had an undetectable enlargement charm placed on it:
All the magical goodies!!
The hand made delights: A coffee press cozy and a tea cup bird feeder!

Action shots:

Seriously got a case of the Swap Anxieties now! haha! What an AMAZING package! Thank you so much, Sheep, for being my first swap partner in the New Place! I really hope you like what Iโ€™m doing even half as much as I like these. Youโ€™re awesome!

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WHEW! Iโ€™m so relieved the teacup survived!! Iโ€™m so glad you like everything, I had so much fun making it all for you :sparkling_heart:

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I love that coffee cozy!! :star_struck:

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What a beautiful way to start our little gallery! @sheepBlue, your wonky star coffee cozy is awesome! And the teacup birdfeeder is just so lovely.


Ooh taking a seat in this gallery to watch the awesomeness. That coffee cosy is fabulous @sheepBlue


That is some cute stuff!

Completely forgot to come and take a peek :roll_eyes:

Such a fantastic package, but that teacup bird feeder is just amazing :heart_eyes:

I received from MistressJennie today! I am blown away with how awesome this package is. I recieved:

A whomping willow wall hanging with a removable blue Ford Anglia (I know I spelled that wrong)
A candle that smells awesome
a tea towel with all kinds of potions
and a rainbow charm for my house


Wow!!! Thatโ€™s awesome!! I had to check that this was for one medium, lol. Iโ€™d love to see a close up of that whomping willow piece.

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Wow, that whomping willow is amazing

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My parcel has arrived safe and sound and I love it so much.

Hubby has been building me a new reading corner in an alcove previously just used for storing stuff. I still have one more seat cushion to finish (fabric is cut out already) and a curtain for the little window, but the one thing missing is cushions. I only had one, which was actually a tote bag I sewed closed around a cushion form. So on my questionnaire I mentioned a wish would be a cushion cover. And boy did @Abbeeroad deliver the most amazing one

The front of the cushion is lots of different HP fabrics and I love the design, both slightly random and slightly organised, I love it

The back is more HP fabric

And sitting in the reading corner, along with the other cushion

And we agreed on a little extra - dark chocolate and salted caramel, ticks all the boxes for me

Thank you @Abbeeroad for being a fantastic swap partner and thank you @MistressJennie for organising us


Oooh the Whomping Willow piece sounds so cool, I second a close up shot please!

That pillow cover fits in so perfectly in your reading nook @seeuudee! Beautifully done @Abbeeroad!

The candle is Good Witchโ€™s Garden. (Aka, Basil, Sage & Mint.)

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That whomping willow is amazing, and I love the idea of the removable Weasley car!

The cushion cover is perfectly Burrow-worthy! I love it!

I love the Good Witch Show.

It wasnโ€™tโ€™ actually named after that show. I havenโ€™t seen the tv show, but I did see a few of the movies. But back in the autumn sheepBlue, Abbeeroad, PerfectlyBohemian & I did a personal Witchy Swap. I saw the candle fragrance oil and thought it would make a good scent for a witches herb garden, a good witch obviously. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh ok. Awesome :slight_smile:

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Yay!!! I love your reading nook!! It looks great! :yellow_heart:


I received from @AntBee today and was so utterly spoiled. We agreed on 2 crafted items and some fun extras but she really went above and beyond and made this rather blah day into quite a treat!

First is this super cool suncatcher! The main body is a clear glass lid, off of maybe a tumbler or old fashioned jar type thing, and then gorgeous sparkly beads are woven in a pattern around it. I love the mix of found objects and sparkly pretties, so so cool! It reminds me of something you might find in Mrs. Weasleyโ€™s garden patio :green_heart:

Next is a bunch of fun supplies she included and a knitted/felted mugrug with a hilarious mandrake to keep me company when I have my morning tea. The expression on the little guyโ€™s face keeps making me laugh so itโ€™s so great. Definitely embodies my disgruntled morning nature before completing the wake-up process.

To finish off the package, some awesome HP postcards (will be hard to part with!), socks, chapstick, mini HP coloring kit, a nifty mini notebook which will be great for tucking in my bag, a batty infinity scarf, and a book of old timey people knitting which is so cool!

Thank you so so much AntBee! Your thoughtfulness and generosity are beyond compare. This was such a fun swap :heart: