OWS Round 1 (August) Discussion and Gallery

I received from irid3sc3nt. She made the nicest scarf for my husband and sent me some great little goodies! I love the color of the yarn. Thank you so much!


What a cute little felt doll! She is beautiul! <3

Yay! I’m glad it will be well-loved. And, hey, if you need more I’m your gal.

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Those little felt stuffies and scarf are sooo great!

I received two packages this week.

The first was my claim from @PrincessP for a bunting for my craft room. The walls are a very light yellow and she made the bunting in all yellows to match. Here is a photo of it hung with some other crafty items I’ve received in swaps. It looks great!

The photo is a little dark because that wall in my craft room rarely receives enough light to take good photos, but here a link to the photo that PrincessP posted on the Harry Potter Craftalong: Harry Potter Craftalong - Midsummer 2020 - Join Anytime!

I also received an amazing zipper pouch, some yarn, and a fantastic merit badge from @Thanate yesterday.
Everything together:

A closeup of the back of the pouch, decorated with some of her machine embroidery:

And a closeup of the merit badge/patch!!!


Hey gang! Just an FYI! We will start round 2 on October 1st. Mark your calendars!


Fantastic! I’ll be joining in when my swap packages from around 1 have arrived :blush:
I’ve already been working on modifications to my list :speak_no_evil:

This is such a beautiful gallery guys - you are all amazingly creative! Hope to join you in October if time and budget allow :smile_cat:

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Ooh perdy packages!