Pair of Jack O Lanterns - Halloween Decor Entry 2022

Did a quick carve of a couple of pumpkins yesterday so that we’d have some kind of Halloween decor.

I also temporarily relocated the fall banner that @artsycandice made for me, to the front porch. (Not part of my entry, since I did not craft it…)

The picture below isn’t part of my entry either; just thought I’d share the pumpkin my son carved for his place as well. It’s Sam/Samhain from the movie Trick ‘R Treat.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


I love your son’s pumpkin! Looks like you got your decor covered just in time! Looks welcoming and fun!

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Great jack-o-lanterns!

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All of these are wonderful. I promised myself I was getting a pumpkin next year. This post makes me sad that I didn’t get one this year. It looks like you both had fun!


These are great! I especially like the skull!

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