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Yay. Got my package at lunch today from @Myrthena and it is brilliant. I suggested cars, quotes, cacti as themes, and Myrthena knocked it out of the park.

I am struggling to add more photos. I’m going to try in another comment.


This kitty genuinely made me laugh out loud!

Another of my themes was fungi, this cross stitched toadstool is adorable, I’ve actually put it on the bookcase in my bedroom.

And this cutie!

I got this pretty kitty


She drew me awesome stickers, and maps with lovely quotes on and so much more awesome stuff. I feel very lucky. I will try to post a couple more photos from my PC in the morning but the uploads keep failing.

Thank you @Myrthena for such a lovely swap package and thank you @Smmarrt for organising. I’m making good progress on my makes.


So much great stuff!

I’ve been having issues loading from my phone lately. Thought it was because I have an old iPhone that keeps running out of space.


I got so many great goodies from @BeesKnees!

A small book where the cover is dyed from flowers/vegetation from her garden. It has lovely coffee dyed paper inside

A large pocket with goodies

This pressed flower with what looks like really old tape on it. Thst look is fantastic!

And this luscious tag. I love everything but this might be my favorite.
How did you get that rusty aged texture on paper? It looks fantastic!

A cute little booklet

This “rice” paper pouch made from seeing pattern paper. So cool.

Spine jewelry!


YAY glad the package arrive and that you are happy with the contents!

The aged tape is achieved by using alcohol inks and straight alcohol on regular scotch tape. You just layer and layer and layer and stop when you think it is done. The straight alcohol chases the ink away where it lands, so you get some really cool effects!

I used a set of effects paste from Prima called “art extravagance” that I purchased like a decade ago for use with polymer clay work and on a whim tried it on paper - I really wanted to get your ‘steampunk’ theme worked into the at least some of the pieces I made for you. The same effect could be reached with just a mix of acrylic, glue and really fine sand for texture in the three colors (brown, oxblood and mustard)


So many new-to-me ideas and embellishments. You knocked it out of the park, ladies!

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Just popping in to say that “rice paper” pouch is super cool!!


Really glad I got my package out before the photos started rolling in, because these are amazing. Great work, everyone!


@Myrthena that embroidered tag is such a clever idea for a swap item :smiley:

@BeesKnees I love how you repurposed a sewing pattern to make the pocket…cool!


I loved to make it.

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got my package from megwell - love it - two very cool tags, a envie with a paint treatment, a stack of papers and a very cool collaged strip, plus the note she wrote is painted cool, now I have things to start a junk journal - thank you so much.


I received from @LovelyMiss and she totally spoiled me! So many fabulous and crafty things!

Papers and other goodies


Stickers and ribbons and trim


Vintage goodies, journal cards, and so many cards/clusters to add into my journals!


More hand made and hand drawn cards and a paper doll - one of my favorite things!


Part 2

A mini journal filled with so many little goodies - paper clips, ephemera, mini tags, and bits and bobs.

Ashley really embraced the mixed media part - there are pieces that textured, sewn, painted, collaged, and assembled. Thanks so very much Ashley. You rock!


I’m so glad you like your package, @Smmarrt! It was a lot of fun to tap into some other styles and get messy and playful. Thank you, again, for organizing this, and being such a great inspiration and swap patner!