Paper and MM Embellishments GALLERY

@Myrthena that embroidered tag is such a clever idea for a swap item :smiley:

@BeesKnees I love how you repurposed a sewing pattern to make the pocket…cool!


I loved to make it.

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got my package from megwell - love it - two very cool tags, a envie with a paint treatment, a stack of papers and a very cool collaged strip, plus the note she wrote is painted cool, now I have things to start a junk journal - thank you so much.


I received from @LovelyMiss and she totally spoiled me! So many fabulous and crafty things!

Papers and other goodies


Stickers and ribbons and trim


Vintage goodies, journal cards, and so many cards/clusters to add into my journals!


More hand made and hand drawn cards and a paper doll - one of my favorite things!


Part 2

A mini journal filled with so many little goodies - paper clips, ephemera, mini tags, and bits and bobs.

Ashley really embraced the mixed media part - there are pieces that textured, sewn, painted, collaged, and assembled. Thanks so very much Ashley. You rock!


I’m so glad you like your package, @Smmarrt! It was a lot of fun to tap into some other styles and get messy and playful. Thank you, again, for organizing this, and being such a great inspiration and swap patner!


So glad you like them! There were some new-to-me techniques on these.

@LovelyMiss, love that little journal!

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Wow! So much goodness here already! What a creative group!

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Yesterday my parcel arrived at my sons And we opened it during a video call

Heather did make some marvellous galaxies in different sizes which i do like a lot. Have some ideas what to do with them :slight_smile: There were small earths (on black and white background) that i can cut out.
There were very fine leaves and stickers and a bunch of small inserts or background she made
All this accompanied by a nice letter.
THanks Heather . I love your parcel

There is only one picture as son had to make them: I ask him to make some pictures of the different things → let’s put all together and then you see it at once was the message i got :slight_smile:


I received my package from @geekgirl ! I asked for nature/insect theme so you will notice lots of bugs all over the place - yay!

Overall shot:

A little waterfall notebook of a gorgeous variety of papers, many of them painted:

Each of the rest of the pieces also have small bits of ephemera and papers tucked in.

Coffee filter ephemera pocket:

Tag bag:

Fold-out ephemera folder:

Ephemera pocket notebook with several pages of pockets:

Everything is so lovely, Carlee - thank you so much! (and yes, we definitely watched the same video for the mini-postcards!)


Oooh, do tell. Mini postcards?


I dont work much with paper, but these swap packages are seriously cool!


There is some extremely yummy stuff in this gallery! Loving :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it all!

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I am so excited! I received the package @SonjaBoo sent me and she really went over the top and spoiled me too much. Thank you so much. I started junk journaling a few months ago and look forward to putting all this goodness to good use.

I will post pictures below of; the neatest folded painted flowers with gems in them, a hand painted card with a sweet message, and a folder overflowing with goodness. In this folder is lots and lots of fun and creative paper, bookmarks/tags, stickers, lots of ephemera including paper clip ephemera! She made lots of fun pickets too. There are so many things packed in here its crazy and apppreciated. Everything is thoughtfully and creativity attached in the folder by washi tape and several fun and colorful bags of all sizes.

You knocked it out of the park @SonjaBoo, thank you so much!



I received from @goatgoddesss today, and holy cow! Get ready for all the photos (that I may retake because I misjudged how good my light was…)

Tags and hearts

Pockets with goodies tucked in and painted papers

Birds, leaves, and typewriter(s?)

The bottom two are shinier than is showing up here.

Hats, etc., plus tiny clothespins

Bits and bobs (those stamps are from South Africa!)

Thanks so much, Debra! I can’t wait to get crafting with these.


This is a weird angle, but it better shows off the shine/texture:


I received a beautiful package from @Smmarrt yesterday! We were clearly sharing brain waves across the country! :smiley:

Here’s the whole group. It was full of so many wonderful things! The girl scout box holds an amazing journal with lots of fun surprises inside (photos below).


Pretty pictures and papers:


And all these gorgeous handmade items!


Thank you so much, Susan! It was such a delight to swap with you! I’m feeling so inspired, and can’t wait to add these to my future journals!


@megwell - so glad you like your package :slight_smile: the typewriter I’ve never used but it’s a tim holtz die cut set as are the other die cuts. the typewriter is a the top of a chocolate box - thought it was a cool texture. and of course like the shiny part

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I received from @Amfkinney two days ago and loved everything she sent! :heart:

Everything coordinates so beautifully together, I think I will be making a journal based around all these goodies! Thank you so much for swapping — this was definitely a fun one. :grin: