Paper, Mixed Media, Art Journaling Craftalong 2023

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Green Holiday Greens

Great Lettuce Craft Bake Off!

Well you have all made incredible use of the classes so I say go for it! The work over 2022 was phenomenal, progress literally visible week after week. If the excitement of that class structure is what motivates you, that is your answer. Do it! Happy birthday Abbee! I look forward to seeing your lettering style evolve :slight_smile:


Go to

It’s 4 days of painting papers and then 1 day of small collage. Maybe I don’t need to make more painted papers but it’s free.

Looks like this link takes you to the sign up page.


Same here. Probably because budget is not critical to me in retirement. I am sure if it were, I would be more selective and mindful. I am trying to remedy this way of thinking, however, in 2023. I find that I am constantly reminded of how fortunate I am and for 2023, I don’t want to waste my fortune if it can be put to better use.

I want my 2023 to be more meaningful and being aware of where I plant my money is important in other ways than just fitting my budget. I like supporting musicians and artists with a monthly patronage even if I don’t necessarily do all the lessons.

So if budget is not my motivation, than what is? For me, I think it is just exploring new ideas and experimenting…I get overwhelmed and lost in an unstructured setting so going into YouTube or online sends me down too many rabbit holes where I do nothing. I know it is silly, but I really like the Alisa Burke style because they are numbered lessons…there is a checklist or a specific task.


I came to see the wonders already made this year and am staying to promote voting in these challenges.

The Green Holiday “Greens” Challenge!

And this year’s Bake Off!


Looks like you and @Abbeeroad are on the same wavelength

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: oopsie!


Haha! You’ve just got my back. It’s a good thing!


She says on January 2nd :joy::joy::rofl:


Hahaha…you caught me. :sweat_smile:

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Here’s my January prompt page

  • gray
  • number
  • security envelope
  • mark making


I’m leisurely doing Junk Journal January again. I skipped yesterday, but here’s my page for day 2, starry.

I’m still using my Nancy Drew journal from Ex Libris Anonymous.


Update - I bought the class. :see_no_evil:


At least you held out for 2 days this year :joy:

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Woohoo! I rewarded myself for finishing my #carvedecember project with Julie Balzer’s Year of Gelatin Printing so I’m going to try my hardest to focus on that and not sign up for any more classes for now (famous last words). Please post progress pics and your thoughts about the class since I’ll probably sign up for it in the future.


Woohoo!! Good luck to both of us! :smile:

I also treated myself to some pens and notebooks for the class. Hey…you only turn 40 once, right? :laughing:


Nice! I just turned 40 right before Christmas :slight_smile:


I still have a couple weeks, but I’m obviously already celebrating. :sweat_smile: HBD to us! :tada: :cupcake: :paintbrush:


I caved and bought the Imperfect lettering class, ordered 2 grid composition books from Amazon, and chided myself for being a weakling when I hear the words “Early bird pricing”