Paper, Mixed Media, Art Journaling Craftalong 2023


For those on the last zoom where I was saying I wasn’t going to buy watercolors. well Amazon had a deal on the 14 half pan field set of Winsor Newton watercolors for $14.75 so I got them


That sounds fun. I bet the name helps people not be so nervous about whether their art is good or not. Love that you used your kids art as inspiration.


That’s a great price! How are you liking them? I’ve been working on trying to make things look more realistic in my beginning watercolor class and have been impressed with your pinecones!

so far so good. I have been doing an online video and working on some shading exercises and it’s not good lol. It’s me, not the paint.


My health insurance is always sending out materials about different programs to sign up for

This one is nice card stock with ascending page lengths. Will make a cute little journal I think!

They are also the people that occasionally sends security envelopes with purple designs.

I appreciate their junk mail even if I don’t want their extra services.


I made some faux Tim Holtz collage tissue papers using wet strength tissue paper and water resistant ink (stazon) and lots of various stamps.

This one was on bakery paper


You nailed it! I’m going to have to look into the paper you used. Seems really cool.

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Cool book alert: Jeannine Stein’s Re-bound, about making books from re/upcycled stuff.

Some of it is stuff that wasn’t really revolutionary to me (“don’t overlook the hardware store for supplies!”), but the projects are pretty cool. A couple of favorites:

From a hot water bottle

From a felted sweater


Oh my! The felted sweater one makes another trip to the thrift store even more exciting.

would have never thought of this for reuse/repurposing!
great idea, and I appreciate you planting the idea!
I also like your stamped papers & want to try that as well

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I used some paper scraps to decorate my little To Do notebook


Nice! What kind of glue did you use to secure the paper?

matte gel medium. I put paper under the covers so I wouldn’t make a mess and glue the pages together.

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Cute! I love your faux Tim Holtz papers too :smiley:

Just a little reminder as we head into the holidays: please don’t forget LC this year! We enjoy this place for all the fun swaps, inspirational craftalongs, and incredible inspirations. We have formed some lasting and amazing friendships. And we have done it cost-free. Please think about giving to show your support and love for this great community! Let’s keep this Craftalong going for years to come!


Today, (mostly today), I did a thing.

I follow this thread avidly and then get too hung up on my inexperience when a meet-up happens so never join in.

Even this project had a few weeks of procrastination before moving forward. But I had 3 hours of back to back mostly passive meetings this morning. I wanted to listen and not try and do other work, which I often do, so I thought I would progress this.

I vaguely followed this process:

And ended up with this:

I might add a sentiment yet, and definitely something to seal it because I used some pastels that will probably get messy

Anyway, my first attempt as some kind of art journaling I guess, and it’s purple because I like purple!!


Ooh, I like this! It has sort of a planetary vibe to me.

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I love her work! Nice spin you put on yours…I like the bars on the bottom.

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It was very much a case of work with colours I like and with what I have.

I didn’t have texture paste but I have revisited old threads on here and could maybe make some for future projects. I don’t want to buy more until I am comfortable with ‘doing’. (Unless I go all out crazy and just buy stuff as is also sometimes the way!! But I am trying to be sensible)


Oh I love your version! It looks great. And nice shading.