Paper, Mixed Media, Art Journaling Craftalong 2023

@kayrun I think that’s basically it. It feels like the deconstructed parts of letters that we will put back together later.

I’m getting somewhat more consistent with my drills, and definitely better with the pen, which I found to be thinner/less “juicy” for certain strokes, particularly the “C” and up strokes. The Fude Ball pen was just ok. I had to keep scribbling off page to get the ink to flow smooth.

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Day 18, maps

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.”–Herman Melville

I love the “world’s most urbane schoolboy” vibe :laughing:. The competition’s just really tight for that spot. (Although who am I kidding; if you gave me ten spots I’d still probably be trying to squeeze in an alternate.)


Tamal had the best quips.

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Today’s lettering drills. I’m finding that I’m not a huge fan of slow lettering and the letters I like best and are smoothest are the ones where I write a bit faster. Will be interesting to see if that changes at all during the class.


That is interesting…I’m going to think about that today when I practice. But I think I agree.

I wasn’t feeling it last night, but here’s day 20, texture, in conjunction with the January Craft This In Your Style prompt.


Very textural and patterned!


Day 21, experimental, which was drying under a book last night.

It doesn’t feel done, but I was ready to be done with it, at least for the time being.

Day 22, old and new

An old ticket from when I saw Bill Nye at Purdue, paired with letters from a new(ish) magazine and done on the new paper in my journal vs. the original book page.


Yesterday was too hectic to watch the new Imperfect letters lesson and I didn’t do my drills. :woman_facepalming: I’ll make up for it today!

That’s awesome!! And the quote goes perfectly.

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Wow! Your page brought back memories! I attended many an event at Loeb!

Glad to see you used your lettering for good and not evil…ha ha ha.

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Day 23, stickers.

Day 24, scenery (tenuously)

I figure rainbows are scenery. And anyway, one of the washis has clouds on it, so…


Observing/recording letters…

And continuing to do my drills.


I’ve been playing around with techniques this week.

I made a bunch of striped gelli prints the other day, some I love some not so much.

Yesterday I took 2 of the pages I didn’t particularly love and wove them together

Which didn’t make them any better. So today I started making marks all over which still didn’t bring them together so I started laying out some black construction paper cutouts on top to see how reductive painting would work

I wasn’t in love with the shapes but liked the effect layering black on top had. I didn’t want to get out my paint so I took my Poscas to the piece and this is what it looks like now

Still not sure how I feel about it but it was fun keep pushing through and trying things to see what effect they’d have. I liked the techniques and might try another one with some more gelli prints.


You’d never know what the original looked like! I love the added texture the weaving gave…as well as some of the peeks of color on the weaving strips…good experiment!

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It’s quite pretty. If you still aren’t sure, I suggest splatters. They work such magic.

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Ooooooh, the stripes! Tell us how you made the stripes!

And paper waving is always fun, never thought to paint over. Will try that sometime.

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It was a lesson from Julie Balzer’s membership so I won’t go into too much detail but they were made using craft plastic and a gelli plate.

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One color for day 25, aka the day I lost all sense and decided to glue down tiny paper confetti :crazy_face:.


Got it.

Day 26, wordy. Sentiment from my beloved InspiroBot.

Everything is Orwellian to a fool.