Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2020

I love the giraffe @calluna!!

With the threads, what would make it easiest for new people to join in? I feel like a new thread from time to time (with links to everything else) might make it more welcoming for someone to join in (not so much chat to catch up on).

Good points, all. I don’t want there to be restrictions on posting anything in the craftalong thread if it’s even vaguely relevant, since all the interaction and sharing is part of the fun. I also can see how too many posts is intimidating for someone stepping in when were already hundreds of messages in.

Since there aren’t concrete goals associated with this craftalong, I lean toward the creation of a new thread when we reach a certain amount of posts, rather than making it one thread per year. The two just happened to coincide this time!

My first poll:

How many posts should go into this craftalong thread before archiving it and starting a new one?
  • 250
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 1500
  • No limit, keep it all in one thread

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Another idea, though I don’t feel great about it, is for us to go back and individually delete our posts that were only about scheduling or whatnot. It is something folks could do, but no one needs to.

Update: A Keanu-style “Whoa.” Go to the end of the first post in the thread, and it Shows ALL THE LINKS POSTED IN THE THREAD!


Just my 2 cents. If you have multiple threads (zoom info, resources, general chat) you ae going to have people crossposting in all the threads - like hey go see my post. etc. or people will only visit some of the threads and miss info.

I know some people have issues finding stuff on the site but I have good luck with the search feature. Also I save a lot of bookmarks and give them my own tags and then I can go to my profile and look in my bookmarks and search.

yeah the links on the top level thread is a good feature.

I didn’t realize the zoom info being in the thread was bothersome. I suppose one thing we can do is post the link to the video and ask people to contact the organizer personally instead of in the thread. I haven’t been doing that because while don’t have issues finding stuff on the main site, I find the personal messaging system/email just awful.

But I personally would prefer to see all the results in the main thread. It is paper and mixed media after all and it does fit the theme.


I like it as it is, but start a fresh one for 2021.
That way, new people can jump in and feel a part, and if you’re wanting to search back for a specific thing you just need to go to the year it was from.

I also think keeping it in one main thread, but starting a fresh one for a new year is a good way to go.

I’ll still be joining in however we do it!


I will start a new thread, seems like that’s the best option for the moment. I hope to be more active this year :crossed_fingers:


Oh how about a Craftalong thread JUST for zoom along? I’ll just start that up too. Anyone feel free to organize a zoom over there

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EDIT: Barbie has been claimed!

Hi friends! I have had this paper doll barbie set for a couple of years. I am not a paper crafter. Anyone interested in a personal swap for it? I just want it to go to a good home. Message me if you are interested. :slightly_smiling_face:


I say “I’m going to clean a space on my desk so I can get some work done this weekend!” And an hour later, more scraps, and scrap clusters. Oh well, at least I got up early.


That is such scrappy goodness right there! I’ve got the same plans to tidy surface work space today but I’m afraid similar is going to happy when I do. Some arting and more instead of less mess, haha.

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Also, there’s a project happening on Instagram called #100daysofcollagefodder and there are a zillion good ideas. I need to get some errands done now but it’s sooooooo tempting to just play all day in my pj’s


These are so cool!

Here is another scrap busting project - wonky houses.

Tip: Ink all edges before assembling.

You can use the tiniest scraps.

Thanks for looking!


Ooooh, I LOVE these!


those are super cute!

So cute, these are wonderful!! You’re inspiring me to try something similar!


I forgot to mention that these are about 1.5” wide and 2.5 - 4” tall.

Go for it, @jemimah !


They are so fun!