Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2020

I love the first one @Cindy :hugs:

12x12 paper stand come gelli print drying rack…winning!

And to think I was just about to list this on buy, swap, sell because I’m trying to declutter my studio :scream: that would have been a mistake!


That’s my favourite of all I’ve done. I did smaller Scribble doodles first then attempted a larger one. So relaxing!


My biggest challenge with gelli printing is having enough surfaces/places to put the prints while drying! lol :laughing: Thankfully they dry quickly so sometimes my first ones are ready to stack before I’m done with the rest :wink:


We printed outside to have enough room but that meant paper blew around the yard.
I brought a clothes drying rack out & used bulldog clips to hold pages onto the bars.

I am Loving all the gellies & the doodles & the SCRAPINESS! Oh, you know I keep all the little pieces…


That drying rack is great

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Ooh, voting for next swap round is up & it includes master boards and 4x6! Summer is the busiest for me but even I can swing one of those. Or both :laughing:


Has anyone tried putting the papers on an indoor clothesline to dry? I wonder if the clothespins would cause too much of a warping of the paper. Heavier weight papers might be better, but maybe all the layers of paint would make the flimsy paper less susceptible to damage.

I don’t use it to dry, but I do display kid art on an indoor line. I use binder clips and they don’t muss up the paper.

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I’ve made a bunch of masterboards into notecards for the Happy Mail Craftalong.


I just stack them as I print. I have a very small area to make gel prints so I print about sixpences of paper, step away to gather more materials or paint, then make 6 more. I try to print index cards and smaller pieces of paper too but I just toss those into a basket or shoe box.

After I am done printing the first batch, I go in for a second round to add stencils or stamping with foam stamps. Again, I just stack the less-juicy ones, If they stick, they stick. You can just add more paint.


Words to live by! :smile_cat:


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Awesome! If you take out the first 2 words I think the rest of the sentiment will all show & still make perfect sense.


Educate me on gelli plates my lovelies. You
They are for a mono print, right? So I don’t understand why you can’t move paint on say, glass. And then take a print off that. What advantages do gelli plates offer?

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Since I’m an absolute gelli beginner, I can’t say for sure…but I would guess it has something to do with the squishy texture? You get great contact between the paint and the paper. In saying that, I’ve never done mono printing on anything before.

Yeah it’s just mono printing. And nothing wrong with using glass. Or even plastic like overhead projector transparencies.

Like princessp said gelli plates are slightly squishy. and slightly sticky so it’s Just a bit easier to work with.

You can also make your own gelli plate. I used a homemade one for a year before buying one. The store bought ones give better prints. My homemade one had tiny air bubbles I couldn’t completely get rid of.

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I loooove printing with the gelli! The squish is super satisfying & they are so easy to layer on with stamps & stencils.
I have a sheet of glass on my desk, I’ll try some printing on it & see how it compares.


That would be good, I’d be really interested to see the results.

The biggest difference I saw was that if you are making a lot of prints for backgrounds using cheaper acrylics, the paint seems to hold better on a gelli plate rather than on the glass…it is very minor, however since the end result seems to be the same. I just love that it holds the stencils and other things for printing … I don’t use it to its full advantage yet, but hope to learn more as well.