Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2020


omg @Smmarrt you’re killing me! :rofl:

I got an email for a year membership to craftsy for only $2.49 it’s normally $80/year.
This is for Premium. apparently there is a level higher called Gold but I don’t know what it costs or includes that the premium doesn’t.
I figured if I only do one class it will be worth it.

I’ve heard mixed reviews of Craftsy. Has anyone here joined before?

What I’m reading is that you should find out how to unsubscribe and how to turn off auto-renewal before you join.

Lots of folks were with Blueprint when it was bought by NBC Universal, then when this new company bought it from NBC, folks can’t get their accounts merged, can’t get access to old or lifetime classes.

So it would be interesting to hear if anyone on our site has experience with the new or the old Craftsy.

I bought a super cheap subscription this year and used it exactly never. :woman_shrugging:

There’s a thread about craftsy

I always set calendar reminders to cancel subscriptions. I hate auto-renewals. Also the card I used is going to expire in a few months :sweat_smile:

I was a member of the original craftsy, then blueprint, etc. I didn’t have a subscription but bought a couple classes when they had half off sales. They were decent.

I saw some water color classes and hand lettering classes so I’ll probably check them out.