Pi Day! I need your pie recipes!

I am going to a gathering this weekend where we are celebrating Pi Day (3/14). Everyone is bringing all different types of sweet and savory pies to share and there is some stiff competition to bring the best/most unique type of pie. So that is where I need your help, Lettuce Craft family! Please share your favorite, unique pie recipes that you love! Bonus points for pie recipes that use unique ingredients :pie: :drooling_face:

I have no idea why, but my family loves this pie…

There are no apples and it takes so little to make…I prefer real apples, but if you want people to be amazed…

Mock Apple Pie

Oh! That sounds so cool. I am intrigued and that is definitely a unique pie :grinning:

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The first time I ate it, I could not believe it was crackers…of course, my favorite thing to make at Christmas now is Christmas crack, which is also crackers…I love unusual ingredients…

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I made this pie for pi day 5 years ago on 3/14/15

And loved it and have made it multiple times since


A frangipane tart (aka pie) shortcrust pastry on the bottom, then a layer of good Jan (ok jelly) and then frangipane. Which is made of flour, eggs, sugarb and ground almonds. It’s delicious. Let me find a recipe

There are loads of variations on this if you Google frangipane tart.

But this is a classic (also known as a bakewell tart)


Ohh! That looks yummy :slight_smile:

I remember this from the Great British Bakeoff! Thanks for the recipe.

I love raspberry pie with a good splash of almond extract. (Might be an allergin, though.)

Have heard raisin pie is good, but I’ve never tried it…

Blueberry-peach pie is awesome!

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I have had lots of compliments on a banana cheese cake pie. I make cheese cake filling and add two mashed bananas. Pour into a two extra slice sized store bought crust. It smells and tastes like banana bread but it’s creamy like cheesecake. If you want to get fancy drizzle with Carmel sauce.


I just posted this one in desserts for our pi(e) day celebration!

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I made mini bakewell tarts filled with lemon curd instead of jam at Christmas and they went so fast I didn’t even have time to take a picture.

They are soooo good.

My carb loving self is A GOG. You know there was a room somewhere, where someone was like…you know what pies need? MORE CRACKERS!!! let’s do this thing!!

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Since I am gluten free, I make a mini pie which is a stuffed sweet potato with shepard’s pie inside topped with shredded cheese of your choice. Or, you could also make a stuffed sweet potato with a marshmallow topping for an unconventional mini sweet potato pie. Or, a stuffed sweet potato mini pie with pumpkin and raisins and/or currants inside topped with marshmallows.


that one wins in my book!

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What the WHAT? That sounds amaze balls!!!

Almost all of my pie recipes are from my pie book by Ken Haedrich except for my mom’s strawberry pie and her banana cream pie. I’ve been really enjoying making blueberry pies lately.

I make this every strawberry season, it’s so light and delicious!


You lost me at bananas :grinning: but that does sound good for someone who likes bananas!!