Pineapples in Portland

I am sure you guys can relate to this: Friend makes and posts a project and then you become obsessed with becoming part of that project…it is a good thing!

My buddy @kittykill found a cast-off bench and repainted it…darling little thing! She mentioned wanting a tropical feel for that part of her yard…another friend made her a cushion for that bench…what could I make? Did I have supplies?

I got this idea to make a pineapple bunting that could be used outside and went to town…

Supplies, all in my stash: vinyl, fake raffia yarn, beads, and some odd green stuff I pulled out of the trash when we visited @Wulf in Canada years ago…lol

The beads were a bit too brown so I painted each one with an orange sharpie marker…

Trying to figure out how to make the tops of the pineapple with the raveling green stuff!

The backs were so messy with sewing and also, the yarn was a bit flimsy, so I lined each pineapple with the vinyl…I wrote some things on the back to keep Pam in line… :laughing:

A close up shot…

Ready to hang outside and enjoy the summer!


Sooooo coooooool! And sweet, too. I love how they’re made from weather resistance materials so much.

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How thoughtful and perfect!


I LOVE it! I can’t wait to hang it over my awesome bench.


That’s a perfect plethora of pineapples! :pineapple:

I love this, and that you channeled your project envy into an actual thing.

:laughing: You know you’re a crafter when…


These are so awesome!

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These turned out really cute!

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So sweet and thoughtful! The tops of the pineapples have to be my favorite.

Remember when Wulf took us on a tour of his work space? It was sticking in the trash…I couldn’t believe no one else snatched it up! lol…good thing I was fast! lol It has taken all these years, but hey, glad I did not throw it out! lol

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Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift!
And I love how you used all kinds of materials from scratch.

It’s good to know I’m not the only one who saves (anything that could serve as) crafting materials from trash. In fact: pretty much everything could serve as crafting material, right?
I remember being a young child and so happy about all of those crafting materials falling from trees in autumn, just for me to pick up and take home.
(I still do that sometimes, but bending to reach it is a little harder now.)


:trophy: Yahoo! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :trophy:

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Such a cool project and sweet gift! It looks amazing!

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What a cool project! I love the little green tops the best. The little bit of bling makes them pop. So cute.

Congrats! Your project was one of the best of 2021! You are awesome!

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