Plates of Valentine Treats


I made heart-shaped spritz cookies in two colors, plain and pink, then dipped some in bittersweet chocolate and then sprinkled some of those with red/pink/white sprinkles. I used the Wilton Cookie Press recipe for the cookies and melted the chocolate in a double-boiler.

I tried to put some cinnamon heart candies in the still-warm cookies, but didn’t think it was working so stopped after just a few. It did work (i.e. they stuck when the cookies were cool) so maybe I would try that again. I might try something similar again sometime, maybe with thinner candies or cut this kind to be thinner. The cinnamon pairs really nicely with the buttery cookie flavor.


I have three plates. One for a couple next door, a recent widower neighbor, and the crew at my local post office, so each one has different amounts of treats on it. :wink: I added some candies, too: Hersey kisses in pink/red/silver foils in a cupcake paper, cinnamon hearts in a mini cupcake paper (reg size for the USPS) and then sprinkled in some of the Valentine colored candy corns for fun and to reference two of the tags.


Red and white gingham ribbon to finish it off!


These are lovely! I’m sure everyone will love them. That gingham ribbon is the perfect finishing touch!

So cute!

Unrequested info dump: clear plastic shower caps are great for covering plates and bowls. They stay in place better than plastic wrap, and can be reused several times. I get them in the ethnic hair care aisle at walmart (or a huge pack on amazon).
I use heavier, polka dot shower caps at home; I’ve used them so many times, the spots have washed off.


Thanks, y’all!

@steiconi That’s a clever idea! As I was typing up the Topic, I realized that COuld have put another plate, upsidedown, on the top, perhaps decorated, and avoided plastic altogether.


Your treat plates are so pretty, and so thoughtful. Bet the cookies are yummy!

Thank you! These cookies turned out yumily ™!

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Wonderfully thoughtful!

Thank you!

The plates are so cute with the bow! And the treats look delicious :heart:

Thank you!

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Super cute!

Thanks! It was a hit!