POLL: Which 5 Swaps Should Open First?

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to organize one of the first five swaps here on Lettuce Craft! Now, as swappers, it’s time to vote for the swap or swaps in which you would be interested in participating. Cster members with no negative feedback will be allowed to join three swaps; LC members who were not Cster members and Cster members with “less than perfect” swap records may each join one swap. Everyone is starting out with a clean slate.

In the poll below, I have listed the name of the swap, the number of weeks allowed for crafting time, and the swap organizer. Please keep in mind that all these swaps are going to be starting at the same time and finishing around the same time. Let’s not start out swapping by getting in over our heads! Brief descriptions of each swap can be found below the poll.

You may vote for up to three swaps. Voting for a swap does not obligate you to actually sign up for it, once signups begin.

POLL CLOSES NEXT SUNDAY, and then the organizers of the top five swaps will open signups.


  • Effin Birds Swap (5) geekgirl
  • Fridge Magnets (3) roler
  • Masterboards (3) Lynx2Lancer
  • TM Style Patches (3) Cyn-energy
  • Prayer Flag (3) Smmarrt
  • Go Bananas (4) Mistress Jennie
  • Common Ground (4) Bunny1Kenobi
  • Color in a Box (4) kittykill
  • 4x6 Art Swap (2) Kwality570
  • One Tiny Thing (3) Lilyleaper

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Effin Birds is an irreverent and silly field guide of birds done in black and white. Google images has lots of examples. Crafters would take this idea and make in their chosen medium. This would be 1 medium item in any medium (fiber, paint, paper, clay, whatever goes). People would be matched based on what medium they like to use vs medium people want to receive.
It would be a 5 week crafting period.

Fridge Magnet Swap. We’d have a three week crafting period, and swap five magnets, at least three of which must be crafted. One or two may be purchased if you prefer. Any medium is fine; in the past we’ve had felt, resin, clay, cross stitch, wood, and more.

Masterboard Swap Send (4) 5x7 masterboards to your partner. That should fit in a 6x9 envelope, and one stamp or stamp plus extra ounce stamp should cover shipping.

Teesha Moore Style Patch Swap swap would be 2 patches, each no larger than 5" in any dimension unless your partner specifies that they are ok with larger patches. 3 weeks to craft.

Prayer Flags We will swap one or two flags with one or two partners, and each participant will be encouraged to make one for themselves. 3 weeks to craft.

Go Bananas Swap 1 Large crafted item OR 3 Small-to-Mediums. Really go crazy crafting lovely things for them. Plus 2 purchased small extras, based on your partners likes. 4 weeks of crafting time.

Common Ground Swap This is where you find things you have in common with your partner and craft with that in mind. 2 mediums or 1 medium and 2 smalls (4 points?). 4 weeks to craft.

Color in a box swap Fill a box with items in the color of your partner’s choice. 4 weeks to craft and gather.

4x6 Art Swap A list of favorite topics and themes will be sent to partners at the end of signup. 2 week crafting period.

One Tiny Thing Craft one tiny thing to send to your partner (no extras!) 3 weeks to craft.


Thanks for putting this poll together and helping us get back to swapping racky!


This looks awesome! I voted and am excited to see the results!


I voted too!


How do I know it has accepted my vote?

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The number in the big box goes up by 1 and if you try to vote again, it won’t let you :rofl:


Oh, okay. Didn’t even pay attention to the number of votes. I expected a message like, “You have submitted your vote.” Instead, I was getting handlebars or highlighting on random parts of the post, so I was thinking there was a malfunction. It’s a good thing it only lets you vote once, because I kept pushing the button, thinking it still wasn’t working!


I’m loving these themes. Part of the reason my swap participation dwindled was due to the sheer number of “ongoing” style swaps that ended up happening. They were not my jam so I’m happy to see out of the gate some classics from the ‘otherworld’. :smile:


omg I LOVED the one tiny thing swaps!


Choosing only 3 was brutal. That last choice is always the hardest to make.


I on the other hand had no trouble choosing, there was just one more I’d have liked to squeak in a vote for but it was a solid fourth choice, not a contester.

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Solid options for the first batch of swaps in our new home. I am gonna sit on my hands for a bit before I vote :slight_smile:


Even the thought of swapping is exciting! I voted! :+1:t2:


I love these themes!!

And the post is organized so well, Racky. Thank you for adding the summarization & organizer for each! :raised_hands:


Agreed! That ‘ongoing’ stuff was one thing that I grew to dislike about the swapping there, too.


I feel all these swap suggestions were from founding members and there should be something new and different that hasn’t been explored before from a newbie that has an original idea. I would like to see 1 or 2 of those on the list next time for swaps.


That’s likely due to the fact that the original guidelines for these first swaps were (I think) for pitches from experienced swap organizers, and many of those folks are also founding members. After the full swapping capability is up and running, I anticipate a wider variety, if the other thread for suggested later swaps is any indication.


It would be a good mark to include a few newbie ideas for inclusion to the craft community from the beginning. That’s just my opinion.

I can’t speak for @racky as to whether or not it’ll be the same here, but the guidelines for hosting a swap on the other site was that you must have positive feedback from least 2 swaps before you can host a swap.

There was a “new swap theme idea” thread on the other site, in which any member could post an idea. Many times a member would post an idea, but not want/could not host and someone else would host.

For the first swaps on this forum, they decided to go with experienced hosts to offer up swap ideas. My guess is because myself (and the others who have offered swaps) are familiar with the way swaps are run, hosting duties, and the old database, so it theoretically should be easier for us to learn/try out the new system.

I’m certain new folks (as well as other experienced organizers whose swap wasn’t chosen this time) will get their chance to offer new swap suggestions and host.

This is only the first of many swaps to come. I mean, there are pages upon pages of swaps that had happened over the years at our previous home. My suggestion: keep a list of your ideas…we’ll look forward to them when the time comes for more swapping!


Yes, I’m talking about ideas, I certainly don’t want a newbie hosting a swap from the beginning but to be fair to everyone that can post an idea, at least 1 idea in your initial list should include a newbie idea. It will support us and make us feel more included in the initial swap process.

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