pro/CON Gatefold Notebook - Craft the Equinox 2022 Challenge

I really latched on to the notion of equal opposites when thinking about this challenge and so went pretty hard with that theme for this little notebook.

The front cover(s) are a Rorschach style paint treatment cut along the fold. I used white, pearl, and gold acrylic paints on black cardstock which I glued to a chipboard shape from stash that I had cut in half.

I used white with a black die cut on one side and black with white on the other.

Then I really got into it for cutting the letters by using lowercase serif font for the “pro” and uppercase sans serif for the “CON.” I also cut the “pro” with the striations of the gold paper going horizontally and the the “CON” with the striations going vertically. :woman_shrugging: And placed “pro” on the top left and “CON” on the bottom right.

I was not liking any of my black & white printed cardstock for the inside back cover, so chose a grey and then the arrows indicating a cycle made sense to me for solstice and for the idea of opposite equals, etc.

I put a lot of effort into getting the cardstock I’d selected for the back centered just so and then missed it by one! D’oh! The meaning of the winged heart is… well not related at all, but each of those embossed dies were some of the few right-to-left symmetrical dies that I have and I liked the texture, so… they there are! And since the design of the paper leans to the left a little I made the winged heart lean to the right just a little. It’s still balanced! :upside_down_face: :smile:

Everything was from stash. YEY! I used my Bind-it-all to bind it and painted the o-wires with gold spray paint. I used my Sizzix Big Shot to cut the letters, arrows, hearts, “bubbles,” and wings. Various pigment ink pads on the edges and tops of things, some markers on edges, too.


So fancy!

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This is awesome! Your attention to opposites with the fonts, paper stirations and the angle of the back is just what I would do!

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Thanks, friends!

@mellybelly81 If I’d have had white spray paint, I would’ve painted one of the o-rings white (they were originally black) just to keep it going! :grimacing: But I was determined to keep it all stash and also get it done today.


Love it! Each detail just adds on to the awesomeness.

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This is just soo cool! I love the paint job on the cover. The dual notepads and black/white contrast are just so clever. Love it!

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Neat idea to have it open on both sides. The shape is really neat too.


Love how you thought out all of the different ways to balance and yet contrast. …and all from stash…impressive! Also, what a fun and unusual notebook! My favorite is the winged heart…it is a striking piece!

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What a great idea, and it turned out so well! Love the half-and-half heart, and the center-opening design.


Thanks, everyone!

This is SOOO cool! I love the way the notebook opens and all the little details you added to make this notebook so unique!

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Thank you!

great notebook! Love that it’s all from stash


Just 2 DAYS more for everyone to enter their own cool project into the Craft The Equinox Challenge!

I really like how you used the zentangly river stones on the inside covers! It adds so much visual interest to both sides. This entire notebook is based on such a creative idea. I have a bind-it-all and I’ve never even considered the gatefold concept that you used on this. I really like your interpretation of the challenge!

Awww, thanks! I started a pinning bind-it-all stuff a few years ago and that is where I got the idea for the gatefold!

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I’ve never even thought to look up bind-it-all projects on pinterest. I’m thinking I’d better not go down that rabbit hole until I have a decent amount of time on my hands!

I was trying to put together a craft night and suggested to the others (not especially crafty people) that we could use the Bind-it-all, so went searching for ideas.

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It’s time to vote! The poll is live through Oct 27! Choose carefully, friends!

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