Pumpkin Gnocchi

Pumpkin Puree I used to make these.

The pumpkin/butternut sauce I’d use with them.

First test, meh. it’s kind of difficult to put the ribs onto them…and maybe it’d be best if I chilled the dough, too. (my next test).

Anyhoo, using a butter knife to form the ridges, and so I’m holding it in my other hand (which deforms the ridges, :no_mouth:. Try the chilling method next, and go from there, :thinking:).

Some with leeks others with parsley stems.

Made sure to use my mixer this time around.


How cute! What type of sauce do you use for that flavor? Regular marinara? I think a good bechamel sauce would be yummy, too!

Personally, I’d use my pumpkin or butternut sauce, but I don’t see why any other sauces wouldn’t work. The flavor is pretty much noodle like (Pumpkin puree, salt, and flour, and the pumpkin flavor is very subtle). O_o, which reminds me, I did take pics of making the pumpkin puree…Off to find those.


I make pumpkin ravioli…kids seem to like sweeter sauces with it…the butternut sounds so good…nutmeg…mmmm…I prefer savory sauces myself, but, easy enough to let everyone have a choice of sauces…the pumpkin shape is so clever!

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Yeah, I’ve got plans to make a batch of pumpkin sauce to go with them, similar to this one I made before, but it’d be just something they could use if they want it.

I’m still kind of worried about the stems and my one year old granddaughter. I really think maybe just using green food coloring and a toothpick…PPpppppp!

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Ok! a lot better. also, I decided to stop with the stems. I just hurt too much. :frown:

Anyway, I found a video of someone making these, and they used a string only from the top. Looks fine to me, and is a lot easier, heh.


So cute. And YUM, gnocchi!

They’re adorable! :slight_smile:

These are the cutest things!

They are really festive looking! I bet they are delicious with that butternut squash sauce.

AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAaaaaaaaa!! I laugh like a maniacal super villain. Green food coloring works. So a toothpick with the tip snipped in a little green food coloring and about 1/4 tsp water.

And here is showing my process. The bowl has a little flour, and I shake the balls around. Then dump them onto the counter to form the “pumpkins”.

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These are almost too cute to eat! Almost. :wink: