50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

I’m starting 2021 off right! I just posted no sew re-upholstered ottoman storage footstool as my first project of the year to my post!


2020 was so non-crafty for me. Hopefully I have 2021 crafty mojo

  1. Art Show Painting
  2. Art Show Painting
  3. Art Show Painting
  4. Dishcloths
  5. Mailbox
  6. Door Easter Decoration
  7. 4th of July Wreath

Love the color. Pretty and practical! Nice job.

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I think this might be the year I re-do my old sewing machine chair…the last time I recovered it was probably ten years ago…it is looking a bit tired and dated…but it has piping on it and I remember what a pain it was to staple all of that on and then the fabric as well…but, I did get an automatic electric stapler…it is almost a weapon! lol


Saving a spot for my 50 Projects in 2021 :smiley:

Completed projects:


  1. 2 x Mini Quilts for my puppies 2/1/21
    image image
  2. Art Journal Page from Craftalong 11/1/21
  3. Sewing Machine Cover for susieoregon 18/1/21
  4. 10 x Valentine’s Day Cards for LC exchange 19/1/21
  5. Minecraft Cross Body Bag 23/1/21
  6. 7 x LC Patches for swaps & thankyous 25/1/21
  7. Patchwork Zippered Pouch 26/1/21
  8. Quarantine Quilting Bee Round 2 Patch Digital Design 26/1/21
  9. Fennel Fanny Pack 31/1/21


  1. 12 Quarantine Quilting Bee Patches 13/2/21
  2. 2 blocks for QQB 13/2/21
  3. Bright Cushion for IYP swap 14/2/21
  4. Giant Bluey Cushion for Blake 21/2/21
  5. Bluey Bunting for Blake 22/2/21
  6. Bluey Bunting for Scarlett 22/2/21
  7. ‘Brights’ Bunting for Lettuce All Raffle 22/2/21
  8. Gryffindor Bunting 22/2/21
  9. QQB Quilt blocks set 2 22/2/21


  1. 4x6 Art piece 4/3/21
  2. 4x6 Art piece 4/3/21
  3. 4x6 Art piece, 4/3/21
  4. Use What You Have #1
  5. Use What You Have #2

24. Use What You Have #3 3/4/21
25. Use What You Have #4 11/4/21
26. Unicorn Tag 11/4/21
27. QQB Blocks Set 3 12/4/21
image image
28. Pusheen Charm 13/4/21
29. 2 Mini Quilt Design Boards 14/4/21
image image
30. QQB blocks set 4 14/4/21

31. Personalised teacher stickers 15/4/21

32. TM Patch for Erichanhime 12/5/21
33. TM Patch for Erichanhime 12/5/21
34. TM Patch for Erichanhime 12/5/21
35. TM Patch for Erichanhime 12/5/21
36. Apron for friend 16/5/21

37. House Buttons for Lindyv321 19/5/21

38. Craft my collectible small 29/5/21
39. Craft my collectible small 29/5/21
40. Item for Jemimah 29/5/21
41. Item for Jemimah 29/5/21
42. 5 x Swap Angel patches 30/5/21
43. Gary finger puppet 30/5/21

44. Pusheen ATC
45. Gryffindor Resin Set House Pride
46. Acrylic bookmarks
47. Summer Mini Quilt :star: Sitewide Challenge Winner :star:
48. Masterboard
49. Art Journal Page
50. Cross Stitch Heart Card

51. Painted Rocks

52. Cross Stitch Peacock Bookmark
53. Cross Stitch Bulb Card
54. Cross Stitch Icecream Card

55. Gelli Print Extravaganza 1/7/21
56. Sew Together Bag House Unity 9/7/21
57. 6 x Cryptid Research Team Patches 18/7/21
58. 3 Pokemon Finger Puppets 18/7/21

Christmas Economy Block Quilt (project started 14 Jan '21)
Giant Bluey cushion for Scarlett (project started 16 Jan '21)
Stitch on Banner (project started 3 June '20)
Honey Maker Mini Quilt (project started 8 June '20)
Modern Maples Quilt (project started Feb '15)
Plaid Quilt (project started 19 September '20)
Zombie Quilt (for Karlie DEC, project started circa '11)
Candy Jar Quilt (for Scarlett DEC)
Bugs in Jars Quilt (for Blake DEC)
Lunar Module Embroidery (project started April '20)
Halloween October Calendar Cross Stitch
Pretty Little Seattle Cross Stitch
Scattegories Pouch (project started 22 August '20)

Proposed ideas:
QQB Blocks Sets 5-12
Flipping Out Bag
Potluck Pals
Raspberry Rucksack
Stash and Dash
Union Jack Cushion
Mini Maker Case
Costermonger Bag, Merchant & Mills
Tarot Cross Stitch Tryptich
Travel Outbound Bag
Stitch and Go Case
Autumn themed hall table runner

HP Craftalong Project Plan - Midsummer 2021
Alchemy - Gringotts Bank Coin Purse
Apparition - See through pouch
Arithmancy - something part of another craft project
Astronomy - something red or pink, something that contains strawberries, or something else inspired by strawberries
Care of Magical Creatures - craft something relating to the seas
Charms - Flora Supply Case
DaDa - or for someone who has the glooms
Divination - planning a crafting date where everyone works on something different in the same space
Flying - create something that is four-cornered, flat and flexible like a carpet, something that can hold a lot of something, or something that has fringe or tassels
Herbology - work in a medium you find comforting to use
HoM - something as homage to LC
Muggle Studies - something that can be used out of doors. Alternately, you may cook something out of doors.
Potions - Create own Pattern
SoAR - something to do with the deathly hallows
Transfiguration - something that is bright blue in color
House Pride - Gryffindor Resin Set
House Unity - HP Themed Sew Together Bag
Book Club Ch 18 - something that shows us who you truly are, or demonstrates where you belong

Mini Quilt for Abbeeroad
3 ATCs for Roler
Craft My Collectable
Craft My Collectable
IYP 1 x small/medium
Minecraft bag
HP Finger Puppets

Kicks Modern Quilt
Pretty Little Washington DC cross stitch
Pretty Little San Francisco cross stitch
Pretty Little New York cross stitch
Lunchtime Quilt


I did 30 projects last year which is a lot for me, but I’d like to do even better this year!

I’d love to join!


  1. Blue-green skirt
  2. Embroidered Christmas tablecloth
  3. Crochet blanket
  4. Yellow dress
  5. International friendship hexie swap quilt
  6. Farmer’s Wife 1930s quilt blocks from scraps
  7. Pineapple print dress
  8. Hoopla Take life one stitch at a time!
  9. Stitched zipper pouches
  10. Stitched tote bag Kitchenware tote bag
  11. Card Card
  12. Flower print dress
  13. Retro apron
  14. Vermeer needlepunch
  15. Grey socks
  16. Pincushion
  17. BOM January Sawtooth star
  18. Doll pillow and blanket set Doll pillow and blanket
  19. Little Good Things swap #1Swap package for Megwell
  20. Little Good Things swap #2 Swap package for Jemimah
  21. Set of cards #1
  22. Bee Happy card Bee Happy Card
  23. Set of cards #2
  24. Green thumb swap
  25. Stitchalong april Stitchalong April
  26. Redwork sampler
  27. Set of cards #3
  28. Denim quilt Denim quilt
  29. Harvest time cross stitch Harvest time
  30. Christmas cards
  31. Christmas table runner
  32. Candles for Christmas gifts
  33. Socks for Christmas gifts Blue socks
  34. ,Christmas stockings Christmas stockings
  35. Christmas ornaments 2021 ornament
  36. Honey bun quilt
  37. Rainbow babyquilt
  38. Icebear hoop
  39. Hanging towels for Christmas gifts
  40. Knit fabric dress
  41. Christmas card for Mr. Imma
  42. Placemats for my mum’s Christmas gift
  43. SAL December SAL December
  44. Robin hoop
  45. Out with the old cards

I seem to begin a list and then lurk for the rest of the year, so perhaps I shouldn’t bother with the list, and just go straight to the lurking? Hm…


Some people just aren’t list people! You can just keep track as you get your projects done…I find that I make more stuff off my list than on it! lol


I am totally a list person, but mostly lists of things I haven’t done yet rather than things I’ve finished with! (also, going back to add stuff was another layer of too much for my ADD to bother with…)

Maybe I should just try to add numbers to things & post them as I go along.


That is mostly how I participate! It’s a great memory aid; when I try to just remember what I made in the past [unit of time longer than a week or two] I always forget most of it. It’s so fun and satisfying to look back at my list here! In 2020, I just put a number and a pic for the most part and I gotta say that I love to scroll that post!


Me too. It’s fun to have a place to have all the completed projects in one spot and look back at all that was accomplished!


Hopefully going to be crafting more this year.

Tunic Done :slight_smile: 1/14 and Leggings

Scrappy Quilt
A New Outfit: Cardigan and Knit Shirt
Bra’s: Learn to make them.
Coral Dress
Keychain Pouches

Flying Geese Star Quilt
Doll Clothes:

image image
Doll purses:

Polymer Clay:
Doll Shoes
image !

Doll Jewelry Stands

Doll Jewelry

Pink Mug
Honey Pot

figure out Thai Soup
gluten free recipes/binder

Silicone moldmaking and Cookie Cutter (used to make a barbie shoe sole)


@thanate, I’m also too ADD to actually create a list and work from it all year long. I posted a list, but I’m pretty sure it will look completely different at the end of the year. I have also never joined a 50 projects group before because it felt like too much pressure and gave me anxiety. This year I have decided to push past my anxiety and do my best. I will be content if I finish 10 or 50. The fellowship of this group is the most important thing. :heart:


I’m in as always. I have a few things I need to do this year.


I signed up last year and then have done hardly a crafty thing at all (except masks - plenty of masks). However, I just started organizing my craft closet and found a billion WIPs and previously-planned items so I am going to give this another shot. I’ve been missing craftiness!

Here’s some potential projects, most have been planned or in the works for a very long time. Despite the length of the list (and the name of the craftalong), my actual goal is more like a project a month. So I shall see how I do in cutting it down.

  • WIP: Alpine fabric big purse for self
  • WIP: Quirky grunge tote bag
  • WIP: Quirky Flash Gordon tote bag
  • WIP: Quirky Batman tote bag
  • WIP: Quirky Western purse
  • Planned: Skirt for self from West African fabric
  • Planned: Pajama pants for self from anchors fabric
  • Page(s) of travel scrapbook
  • Page (s) of undergrad scrapbook
  • Create cover for spice rack (sewn?)
  • Build Little Free Library
  • Build raised garden beds
  • Fingerprint embroidery
  • Constellation embroidery
  • My city themed embroidery
  • “Head with ideas” embroidery
  • Tea cozy (with or without irony)
  • Try out crochet
  • Try out arm knitting
  • Try making something miniature
  • Masks, but the ones with the seam down the middle

I’m up for this… sure beats Ye Olde Resolutions List!
What I would like to see happen…

finish my rag rug
funny Make All the Things painting that I have had on my mind for a year
Paint some plant pots
play with my banana bars recipe for improvement
use the yellow donated curtains to create something
make a vest out of the sweater I just cut the cuffs off of to keep out the snow above my boots
take one of Mom’s old half done paintings and finish it, trying to match her style
illustrate the manuscript I am working on
use a crafting tool that was given to me years ago and remains unpacked
woodburning a walking stick
snow sculpture
make a tin shrine… it’s been awhile and I miss that mini joy
and sooo much more to come…


Have high hopes for a productive 2021!


  1. Set of Critical Role character ornaments
  2. Kinetic project

I have been a good girl and worked from my stash quite a bit lately. I’m rewarding myself with this fabric. I just ordered it and plan to make myself a half apron and a couple masks. I can hardly wait! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Oh, that is very pretty!

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I obsessed over A LOT of prints before I finally landed on these two. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: