Quilt-along 2021

I am going to start on my May block…I can’t wait until the last minute this month since I will have surgery and don’t know how much I can move around or feel like sewing…

I like that this block can use up some of the small pieces of fabric since I have limited amounts…and it is sort of a star…I like star blocks a lot!


Totes, I will have to read back to find the thing about shooting…

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My bad. I was worried I offended you with my dumb joke.:crazy_face:

I am “wowing” your beautiful berry blocks, @tendstowardschaos…they are fabulous! Love the vintage feel.

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No way.


Thank you!

Before we had kids, we were looking at those vintage-style teardrop campers. Now, with littles, we had to get something bigger…but, I still want that mid-century style! So, I’m just going to have to make it myself. Gah! I can’t wait til our camping trip!

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Improv it is! Whatever it means to you will be the prompt for May! Thanks @magpie!


Love the improv theme. I tried this not long ago for a mini quilt swap @PrincessP and I had planned. I ended up going on a totally different direction as I’m not sure how I feel about the result but I definitely want to play more with this concept. Safe to share the 1st attempt as the second is still secret (and not improv):

I never finished it and might still cut it up again. :thinking:


That is gorgeous Abbee. It would make a great cover for a journal of some sort.

We upgraded our camper this year from a pop-up tent trailer. It needs some personalizing too. The inspiration here is marvelous, mid-century modern is such a fun nostalgic look! I love those berries, excellent fabric pairing.

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I use a lot of the little scraps I have left over to make coasters and mug rugs. I love the look of a “planned, chaotic block”…it is my style! lol

Whenever you put a “frame” around anything like fabrics and paper, it does take it to a new level and ties it all together…I love your block!

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I like this idea!

I, tendstowardschaos, offer Berry Season Pillow Covers for May - Improv.


These came out beautifully!! The quilting adds an extra layer of cozy, homey-ness to them.

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So cute. I am stealing the idea of quilting the pillow cases. I need to make pillows for the porch and I love the look of the quilting. And I may just come over and “borrow” those adorable pillow covers!