Quilt Block Swap Gallery

(Quilt blocks by @marionberries)

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:package: MistressJennieroler :gift:
:package: MistressJennieAbbeeroad :gift:
:package: MistressJennieAIMR :gift:

:package: rolerMistressJennie :gift:
:package: roler (sent 6/9) → Abbeeroad :gift:
:package: roler (sent 6/9) → AIMR :gift:

:package: AbbeeroadMistressJennie :gift:
:package: Abbeeroadroler :gift:
:package: AbbeeroadAIMR :gift:

:package: AIMRMistressJennie :gift:
:package: AIMRroler :gift:
:package: AIMRAbbeeroad :gift:

:package: = SENT
:gift: = RECEIVED


lol I am working on @Abbeeroad’s block…seriously, I was just testing orientation using something in the fabric…guess I am bad at drawing…I promise that the fabric is G-rated…lol


Haha oh my! I knew this was a thread to watch! Haha




I am mailing out your block tomorrow, @Abbeeroad…It was a fun but challenging one for me!

Next up, @roler’s block…I haven’t quite decided which one I want to do but I have it narrowed down to two!

Don’t worry, @MistressJennie…I am just waiting for one fabric to get yours done…didn’t realize how much of my black prints I used for masks!


Oh man…challenging? I tried to pick easy ones! :sweat_smile:


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So many points in the one I picked…it was fairly easy, though, and enjoyable! And I got to use a ruler I didn’t even know I had (and wish I knew sooner when doing all previous BOM!)…

Today, while I have everything out, I am going to finish up @roler’s and try to get the BOM done as well…7 days left before my surgery so I have a lot to get done!


I received the sweetest strawberry block today from roler! How beautiful is this?!?!

Laura, you’re going to laugh when you see your blocks from me. We apparently have the same fabric in our stashes! Thank you so much for such a cheerful block, so lovingly made. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It is really cute!

Nicely done as well…I can see that once it is stitched around, the points are going to be pretty much on…great job with the HSTs!

Great start to our little swap!


I love it!!

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They were microscopes!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

AIMR sent me an awesome science-themed block that I can’t wait to turn into something fun. I don’t know how she knew that I am so pro-science. It’s not like I’m vocal about it or anything…:see_no_evil:

Thank you, Linda! It’s perfect for my home and I love it. :heart: :microscope:


Oh my goodness, that block is ADORABLE!


ha ha ha --yep…I wanted to make sure that whatever way you turned the block, that some part would be oriented correctly…lol…

Aren’t you glad they were microscopes? lol


They’re perfect! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hooray; I’m so glad you like it!! It was time-consuming, but surprisingly not really difficult at all! :slight_smile: I’m hoping to maybe make one for myself at some point, perhaps for a notebook cover? Such a cute pattern!

Also hahaha MICROSCOPES!! Definitely wouldn’t have guessed that. They look fantastic, though! :slight_smile: Such a fun and appropriate fabric! <3 The colors and design of the block kinda reinforce that science-y feel to me too; very nice!


I received a beautiful quilt block from @AIMR !

I love the fabrics, especially the mushrooms! I think I might make a cushion out of this; I think it would be so pretty!

Thank you so much for the wonderful block and kind card! <3


What a fun pattern! Love the mushrooms!!

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wow–that was fast! I can’t believe mail got delivered to the East and West Coasts in the same time!!!

I wasn’t sure if the colors were the ones you wanted as it is hard to tell over the internet…but they were the closest I had in my stash! I love that mushroom fabric, too…and it was a fun but confusing- to-me block! I had to keep looking at the picture over and over…

btw…I used the same batik for both you and @Abbeeroad


Oh goodness, it’s lovely! What a nice mix of fabrics Linda. Your red and cream both compliment the mushrooms perfectly. And how sweet are those little mushrooms?!?

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I got an awesome package from @MistressJennie today! She sent so much!

First off, these awesome log cabins. I just love these colors!

Then she sent me three (!) modern mosaics. I love the black and white here with the mustard/yellow. Yellow is a color that has really grown on me over the last couple years. I love it more and more.

And, if that wasn’t enough, she sent me a bunch of scraps in the same fabrics and some very interesting looking teas I can’t wait to try.

Thank you, lady! You’re the best. :heart:

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