Quiltalong - 2023

What a unique style of art quilting. I looked up her daughter and though the two created art using different mediums, it’s interesting to see how the style remained similar.


I have finallllllly finished the binding on my bee collage! It’s only been over a year in the making :roll_eyes:. I don’t know why, but the binding (which was just good ol’ regular binding, not even on a full sized quilt) was such a challenge. After running into issues a year ago, I set it aside and have been meaning to get back to it since. Ironically, it continued to give me challenges and I had to rip the seams at least 3 more times in the past few days. But, I persevered and it is finally done. :sweat_smile:

Now to embroider the label…


I’ve been having a lovely time this afternoon reading through this thread and seeing all your beautiful projects! Now that I’ve got more creative time, and I’m not doing my old job anymore, I think it’s about time I joined in :smiley_cat:

My goals for the second quarter of 2023

  • make a lap quilt using the steampunk fabric Mr Jemimah picked out at a little local store a couple of weeks ago + the rest from stash (I think a compass design)
  • make something using the natural + red print fabrics that have been calling to me
  • finish one of the projects I started ages ago from my Yoko Saito books (they are so beautiful, but so time-intensive)

:alarm_clock: :fly: :fly: :fly: TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE MAKING THINGS :yarn: :scroll: :sewing_needle: :art: :birthday:

We’ve just over a day and a half until the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge closes! I just know some of you have made some quilitiness that you have not given their own topic. Please share with us before Midnight on April 19 2023, US Pacific Time.


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This tulip block is so pretty.

Oh mygosh, did I actually do a prompt?
Beet mugrug
Toyota mugrug


oooh–I think I did the prompt as well!!

Little Houses Mug Rug

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-I Renstar , offer this destash quilt for my medium personal finish.

Finally finished. I really do not like hand sewing, it hurts my shoulder!!

Now to get it over to my brother!


That looks so gorgeous. I’m afraid of white but I could do grey… hmm. Thinking…



It was a good de-stash project. Everything was stash except the binding.




Yay @magpie and @aimr, I would say you both completed this month’s prompt!

@Renstar, your quilt looks so colorful and fun! I do not like hand sewing and commend you for doing it! Did you sew the binding by hand? Lol, When I read ‘now to get it over to my brother,’ I thought you meant your brother sewing machine and was wondering what you have left to do. Then I realized, ohhh, she meant she’s taking it to her actual sibling, lol.

You should definitely submit this as a personal finish, just let me know if it’s small, medium, or large and I’ll add it to the prize drawing.


I really like those neutral geometrics against the colorful squares. Beautifully done


I only sewed the back of the binding by hand.

I have updated the post with the picture to include this.


Even still, that’s more than I ever do and I am impressed that you took the time to do it!




@Renstar it’s bright and fun. Wonderful destash.


OOO look at this block, do we have a May block, or maybe a later month? I feel like I am over nominating . :grin: https://www.ladybugthreads.com/snail-trail-block-of-the-month/
And I marionberries , submit this as my April BOM entry.
I went with a wonky log cabin because I always wanted to do a wonky log cabin. I did two because I didn’t like the red and green one much, but the rainbow one hit the mark. They both will go in the scrap quilt that is currently sitting in a box.

I marionberries, offer singing blocks for April’s prompt, which was applique.
This is in response to Holly Near’s I am Willing, an 8 x 8 block. fabric strings, netting, and applique.

-I marionberries , offer ** August Moon (We Know We Are Love) by Nedra Johnson** for my smallchallenge entry. an 8 x 8 block
And August Moon (We Know We Are Love) by Nedra Johnson

And just some ferns and milkweed listening in. don’t know that you could call this applique, but it’s fun anyway.


I can’t see a wonky log cabin anywhere :mag:


@Cindy you are right. I just added the wonkys. They were out back partying!