Quiltalong - 2023

#4 for the WIN!


Yeah, it’s my favourite, but I think moll is going to go for the red centre and purple edges https://lettucecraft-discourse-backup.s3.dualstack.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/uploads/db2588/original/3X/f/b/fbbe4471751194e2e9bd1126fbfaee4cd1fcb710.jpeg like this, but all purple triangles


I’m just excited to see the final layout! And at the rate you’re going, I feel we’re going to see it sooner rather than later!


Here are the 11 blocks I have, laid out as a 3 x 4 grid.

7 Star blocks
1 object block (Heart)
6 that read as Traditional
4 that read as Modern
1 that skirts the line

Only 1 block is 2-color, the rest are 3 or more

So, I could make 1 more block, and call it done….
I’m considering this more Modern block, House Divided. It would give me another 2-color block, and help even out the Modern/Traditional balance.

I have these 3 fat quarters which are completely uncut. Any 2 would be a good contrast. There’s a stain on the gold, but I think I can cut around it.

But I also like this more Traditional house block, which would allow me to use up more of the scraps, and would be another Object, like the Heart.

Or, I could make 5 more blocks, to create a 4 x 4 grid layout quilt…

If so, I could do both of these house blocks, 1 additional Star block (so there would be 2 stars per row), and 2 of these options…

Dutchman’s Puzzel could be a Traditional 3-color, or scrappy Flying Geese, with a consistent background color.

I could make 4 6” versions of these scrappy hearts and put them together to make 1 12” block. Using up more scraps and creating another Object block.

This Everything Equal block is also scrappy yet Modern, and would let me use some of the 2.5” squares or strips leftover from previous blocks.

Or there are either of these flower blocks… the second one would definitely read as another Object block.


lol both you and @edel have so many choices and all of them would turn out lovely!

I am not usually a muted color person, but your quilt is so lovely! I will watch to see when/if those fabrics go on sale or else, there is another line that is similar that I also have been watching!

What a cool reference book as well…


I like the idea of using up as many of the scraps as possible. Could you make 5 more blocks without buying any additional fabric?


Absolutely. I had 20 fat quarters to start with.


House Divided is done! I’m up to 12! Now to pick my next favorite for #13


It’s looking amazing!! It’ll be perfect at that size or bigger.

And what is that book, it looks really good


Buttercup Block makes 13!


It’s the two books I posted a couple days ago. The Skill Building Quick and Easy Block Tool and The New Quick and Easy Block Tool. Each one has 110 different blocks, with cutting directions for 5 different sizes of each. Skill Building has more modern blocks, while New has more Traditional style blocks.

There’s a third one that I haven’t bought yet, but now that I’ve tested out these two, I’m definitely picking up that one too. The links to Amazon let you look through the books, so you can see examples of the cutting tables. Each block comes in 5 sizes, but they are not all the same for every one of the 110. Some might have directions for 5”, 7.5”, 10”, 12.5”, and 15”, while another might have 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”. But there are tables that let you see everything that comes in 12” or everything in 15”.


Loving the quilt blocks!! How awesome!

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Ooh, those books, wow!
The blocks so far look wonderful together, that fabric is gorgeous. I like the buttercup but the house looks like an arrow to me.

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Thanks for the detail on the books, I totally missed when you mentioned them before. They look excellent


Well, I have good news and bad news…

I went over to the quilt shop here in Champaign to find sashing, backing and binding for this quilt. In this I was successful! The bone will be the sashing, the turquoise Grunge will be the backing, and the golden yellow will be the binding.

Now for the bad part…
Obviously I brought Ada along. I drive a hatchback, and so I had to open the back to get her stroller out. I placed my quilt blocks in the trunk area while unfolding the stroller. As I did, a huge gust of wind came by and scattered my blocks across the parking lot. 10 landed in a heap that I was able to grab quickly. The other three blew clear across the lot. One of them landed under a car.
:woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

Here are black the stains…

This one is the worst. It was under the car.


Dawn dishwashing liquid stat!

I am glad that it was just your blocks that got hurt and not you or Ada!


Dang it all. Moms should be granted at least 1 extra arm when a baby’s born to avoid such catastrophes! Best of luck, dish soap could be just the cure.
If it won’t all come out & you can still bring yourself to finish it, it could be a yard quilt you don’t mind being on the ground.


Oh no! I hope it washes OK!

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Oh no @MistressJennie that’s awful. I hope that you can get the dirt out.

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Noooo! I hope you’re able to get them cleaned up and as good as new!

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