Cross Stitch Project Case!

I really feel like my completion of this was a group effort. Thank you Lettuce Crafters for cheering me on as I tackled this hard-for-me project!

Lemme take you on a little tour of my new project case and then I’ll give you my thoughts. :slight_smile:

Here’s the cover:

Inspired by the Quiltalong I did some quilting. Far from perfect but I definitely learned some things along the way to make my next quilting project better.

And heeere’s the inside: :musical_note: Dah-da-da-da-da-dah-daaaaah!:musical_note:

Here’s a closer look at the right hand side:

So much more awesome to see all my threads all fancy and organized!

But that’s not all! This whole section is a giant pocket! Big enough to keep papers, fabric, or even an embroidery hoop!

And on the left side…

There’s two pockets up top along with some felt so I can keep some needles there. The bottom right has a see-through vinyl pocket which also has a pocket behind it! (Where the pen is.)

And this side is also a giant pocket to put papers, a hoop…whatever I want. :slight_smile:

And for the closure I chose a big elastic. I’m constantly putting away my stuff in a hurry (kiddos) so I didn’t want to fiddle with the suggested elastic/button combo or tie closure. I need to wrap things up quickly but also feel secure. And if the case is fat with a hoop or something it should close up nicely.

And that concludes my picture tour!

New things I learned:

  • I love 1/4in sewing feet. Got one halfway through this project.
  • How to sew/work with vinyl.
  • How to make binding
  • How to sew a zipper that particular way (easiest zipper I’ve done!)
  • How much I love Wonderclips. (I got 100 generic off Amazon for like $7 with a cute tin.)
  • First time attempting binding like you all suggested (that Missouri quilt co video).
  • First time hand sewing the binding on to finish it.

I took my time with each step. I forced myself to seam rip when I needed to. And I feel way more confident to tackle more sewing projects. Expect more from me!

Thank you all for cheering me on! :leafy_green::thread:🪡

Almost forgot!! Link to pattern:


Yay! I am SO pleased you tackled this project & did such a superlative job with it. Good for you, now you know you can make anything you want if you take it step by step & tap your friends for support& advice.
This turned out so great, I’m going to buy the pattern & make one too. I love your colour choices & am sure I’ll have loads of fun choosing something that suits me just as personally as those do you.


Thank you for the kind words! That’s exciting you’re going to make one too! I already know I wanna make different themed ones for different parts of the year. A Halloween one for Halloween stitching, a Christmas one for Christmas stitching…lol!


It is a joy to watch the journey…you took on a challenge and learned a lot along the way!

You picked some beautiful fabrics to work with and had patience to research and correct mistakes or accept ones that didn’t really matter…

Love the big pockets…and what a smart closure!

I agree…you can have one for each season since this seems to be your craft of choice…make it special always in all ways!

Great job…thanks for sharing with us!


I love everything about this project and the process that got you here. And I really love the idea of seasonal ones! doooooo iiiiiit


Great job!


It turned out fantastic. I love the colors and that bit of patchworks on the front. There were a lot of intimidating parts to this pattern and your tackles everything beautifully. You should be very proud. This is so cool.


This is brilliant! I super want one now! :laughing: You did a stunning job, and all the little details are amazing. You put a ton of thought into how you put everything together. :+1:

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I love it! The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous, it’s extremely practical and you will get so much use out of it, I’m sure.

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Wow so many adventures with this project. You did an awesome job. I think you made the right choice with the closure too. It will hold bulky projects easier than a traditional closure.

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This is the coolest! Love your outline of things you learned. I need to try this zipper method and get some wonderclips!

Amazing job all around!!

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Awesome job! It looks gorgeous, and it sounds like you’ve worked on a bunch of skills that’ll give you confidence with your next project!


I just can’t tell you enough how proud I am of you for working so hard on something with so many new skills for you. It turned out fantastic. It’s truly gorgeous!


I really like this. You did such a good job! I can’t wait to see more of your sewing projects.


I love this so hard. It is beautiful.


Absolutely STUNNING job my friend!

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It looks amazing!

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Wow! What a fabulous job. I think I may need one. I love everything about your case.

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The colors and patterns of this just really make me smile. And it looks so useful too! This is a really fantastic project. And you finished it so quickly! Way to go!!

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Fabulous job! I’m so impressed at how you stepped outside of your comfort zone and tackled some scary sewing challenges! And, you must have an amazing sense of accomplishment! Thanks for linking to the pattern, too. I might need to make one of these as a gift!