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Package Sent: :pencil2:
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Oh my goodness. Things have been crazy. I got this amazing package from @Bunny1kenobi and just now remembered to post it! So sorry! It is such a wonderful package!
First, these utterly adorable cat cards. She knows my total adoration of cats. These are purr-fect! And the quote are fantastic.

Next, she made me this super cute hoop pocket. I am not sure what they are really called, but I love it. Prefect for putting stuff in that I don’t want to lose. It says, “I was normal three cats ago”, very true. Ha! I love the cat button too. It’s too cute!

Thank you so much for such an amazing start to our gallery!


That’s a gorgeous package of feline fabulousness @Bunny1kenobi! The cards are so cute, and the hoop pocket is really sweet :smile_cat:

My package has arrived too, it’s wonderful! Going to upload pictures …


My mailbox had a wonderful surprise waiting for me from @Magpie!

This is the main quote item, a beautiful cushion cover in some of my favourite colours. I love it so much! The patchwork piecing and piped edging is impeccable - she has such amazing sewing skills!!

The other items aren’t strictly part of the quote swap, but she called them housewarming gifts. :wink: I’m so spoilt!! An absolutely beautiful quilted pouch and set of scrappy coasters, all matching.

This end of our grey couch looks so snazzy, don’t you think? The quote pillow goes so well with the colourful patchwork one @PrincessP made for me, and the embroidered Star Wars one from @Dfabbric!

Thank you so much @Magpie!! I love everything :heart:


Yay! 16 days travel from Canada to Oz, not bad.
So glad you like it. I was thinking of that cover from P when I made it. They look good together.

Gozer, your kitty collection is wonderful & that quote cracks me up! How perfect for you :smile_cat:


Oh excellent starts to our gallery!! You guys started us off so strong! (I’m a little intimidated! :sweat_smile:)

All those cat quotes from @Bunny1kenobi are too funny and the pouch hoop is genius!

The scappy, batik-y goodness from @Magpie is to die for!!


@Magpie is undoubtedly a master at scraps! It’s all so neatly done. All the points are so perfect. Yes, intimidating. The edges on those coasters! Impeccable!
Love the pillow collection @jemimah! They all work so well together.


Thanks, guys! I thought the hoop would be nice next to @gozer’s crafting chair- I figured she can put small items into it as she works so as not to lose them during creative mayhem!

The scrappy goodness from @Magpie is awesome (of course)! I am also intimidated by those perfect points! Such vibrant and happy colors, too


The hoop is fantastic and so perfect for @gozer!

@magpie–what a wonderful way to warm up @jemimah’s new home! The cover is beautiful and meaningful. The scrappy goodness is useful but I also applaud you for tackling the flying geese!


Lovely works of art!
The pouch is so clever.I love the colors and the funny quote. Perfect for Gozer. The wee cat button is adorable @Bunny1kenobi.

@Magpie beautiful work! I love that you made some fabulous pieces that she can display in her new home. Perfect!


@Bunny1kenobi - wow on the cats - so cute! love the postcards.

@Magpie - so cool - love the color choices. not colors I would have picked but like how you did them. Nice.


I received from @goatgoddesss and mamma mia, she gifted me 2 awesome dish towels.

This is my all time favorite quote from Parks & Rec. I live in California and for some crazy reason, a few years ago, the state legislature decided we can only serve 1% milk to preschoolers because whole milk causes obesity. Feel free to laugh out loud but it’s true. Anyway, I love this quote.

And yes, I eat breakfast for dinner once in a while.

This was made with a Cricut and infusible ink and I don’t really know what that means but I’m happy Debra tried it. Thank you so very much!


Wow! These are awesome! I have been wanting to try infusible ink too. Great quotes! :laughing:


so glad you like them - you have to use polyester for the infusible ink which is my drawback with it but other than that it works wonderfully well.


Those are wonderfully done!


That show was so frikken funny. Brings back all the laughs! Your kitchen will be hilarious.


Gosh I love Ron Swanson! What a fun and functional set.


Those are fantastic @goatgoddesss! Great quotes and the Cricut printing turned out so well!


Those towels are hilarious!!