Random Acts of Craftiness 2020

Lets spread the crafty love and inspire each other on the way!

Some ideas:

  • Painted Rocks
  • Handmade Postcards
  • Blankets donated to animal shelters
  • Bookmarks (or fish) left in library books
  • What else?

List of completed projects:

(I’ll add more as I find them!)

Post in progress, finished, and planted pictures. Share ideas, ask questions, and have fun spreading craft joy! :gift_heart:

Who’s with me? 2020 could use some extra happy.


I love this idea! It definitely is needed.

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2020 could def use some extra happy! I’d love to get my kids involved in this!

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I am painting rocks. I need more spray clear coat but I’ll post a pic in the daylight tomorrow before coating. I try to remember to carry a few in my bag or pocket when I go out to leave for folks to find.

And I am still making fish - I’ve got a lot of painted paper to use up.


I love your fish! :grin:

I did painted rocks a few years ago when my son was itty bitty but lost interest due to the negativity on the local facebook page :stuck_out_tongue: I may do it again but I’ll have to stay off of the facebook group :sweat_smile:

Yes, I understand the whole “leave nothing but footprints” philosophy but I don’t know why an itty bitty painted rock causes the Butterfly effect. I’m not trying to be rude or offend, but in the giant urban jungle I call home, I think a little painted rock isn’t going to upset the eco system. If I’m wrong, or ignorant, feel free to school me.


I’ve heard that 3-d elements are bad because birds will try to eat them (google eyes for example) but otherwise I think painted rocks are great! I think they could have a butterfly effect in the good way :wink:

The drama on the facebook group is usually about where not to leave rocks because there are apparently rock stalkers that will follow someone around and pick up everything they hide??? And some people have very strong opinions about the rules of take one/leave one, the quality of art needed, etc :roll_eyes: I’m just over here thinking have fun! Don’t stress! You can’t control the world so why try? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m rambling but I really got frustrated when one person was actively discouraging people from hiding ricks in the only park I go to :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never had a problem with people following me to take rocks I put down and most of the times the rocks I hid were still there the next day so I don’t know what his problem was? :roll_eyes:

ok rant over. seriously! :sweat_smile:


Hey all! I had a wonderful surprise in my mail today. There was no note–so I have no clue if this was from some super sweet LCer or not, but it was from someone who knows my love of hummingbirds. Anywho, it was a RAK sent to me (not crafted), so I’m going to share here. If you are reading this, and sent it to me, thank you so much! It’s brightened up an otherwise “I’m feeling pretty grumpy/etc day today.”


Ooooh! What a lovely mystery :heart:


What a lovely gift!

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That’s a really pretty necklace! How lovely that someone was thinking of you! Those are the mysteries I almost don’t want to solve because of those warm fuzzies… :wink:


I agree. Extra special because life has been so hard for me lately.


RAKs are essential and I love how they spread joy. We never know the impact that a happily painted rock can have, or how meaningful those little gifts are. Those who dislike the painted rocks being left must have dropped their ice cream cones as kids.


Found this on Facebook today (you should be able to see it even if you don’t have an account) Senior Care Pen Pals

It looks like a care facility in NC looking for pen pals for their residents. You can scroll through the pictures and pick someone (or someones) to send mail to! They also linked to a few other facilities doing the same thing.

You could send handmade cards, decorated stationary, post cards, etc to make it crafty :wink: I think it’s an awesome idea and I’m going to pick a few people to send some ATCs to :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness, this is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing the link. :slightly_smiling_face:


Our sweet and thoughtful @calluna sent me this huge envelope full of atcs, book pages, masterboards, and more to give me some happy mail and put a smile on my face as my family has gone through such a hard time losing our sweet furbaby Mia recently. Thank you so much! @GeekyBookworm has the sloth atc added to her collection. It really means a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


:hugs: I wish I could make something crafty happen whenever I hear about someone here losing a pet, but it just doesn’t turn out that way most often.


If you’ve ever wondered about how your gifts are received, this corner-2-corner crocheted prayer shawl was given to my aunt in hospital:

We were just there visiting and she showed it to us, she really likes it. I am so touched because I know the care & work that went into it.

Thank you, all of you who craft to donate. Your love is felt like a warm hug.