Plenty of fortune fish - more pix added

I don’t always know why I make things and why I get obsessed/sidetracked by any particular thing.

I found these cool rubber stamps on Etsy (really for stamping clay) and made 24 fish for the three-year-old class to go with a game they play.

Then I decided to make some more to leave as abandoned art - they can be bookmarks or just positive ephemera. I decided to add fortunes from fortune cookies (I have a jar full).

Then Etsy informed me that the seller had a second set of stamps so I have 4 more designs. I’m mounting the fish on card stock and covering the backs with book text and newspaper. And laminating them because why not?

I think I’ve made 100 so far and since I have a stack of painted papers, I’m sure I’ll make 100 more.

Why, oh why do I do what I do?

Stamping more fish.

I use a brayer and a cosmetic sponge.

And laminating at work - shhhhhhh, don’t tell.


I love these fish - the colours and cool papers look so great! :fish:

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How fun! I’d be delighted to find one of these as found art somewhere. So darn colorful and cute! And the text in so many different languages is really cool! Where did you get all of those?


I love them! SUPER gorgeous colors! <3

I am so glad you are here to share your “obsessions”…

Great idea to use up all of the paper “experiments” I have done with some of your lessons and links…

Oddly, I, too, have a jar full of paper fortunes (hmmm…:slight_smile: )

They are fun and would be sweet to find!


These are lovely fish!

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Oh my gosh, these made my day! They are BEAUTIFUL! I would cry with glee if I found such a thing abandoned, honestly, where do you live? I’m coming to search your town. I keep looking them over and wishing there were more photos. They are so great, you are so great. This is an awesome post! It Rocks! \m/

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These are so fun! I bet the 3 y.o.'s really enjoyed them. And of course! Laminate all the things! Why? Because it’s fun!

These are amazing!

These are great and now I feel an overwhelming need to acquire some fish stamps!

I love these! The color, the print! I don’t know what it is about fish, but from a design standpoint, I find them so engaging. So much so I got a tattoo with my own fish :wink: Fantastic job!! I’d also be interested to know where you got the stamps.

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The foreign text is from free newspapers here in San Francisco. The book text is from $1 books from library sale. I buy books for the covers, mainly, so I have a LOT of leftover pages.

I’ll add more pics later. :smile:


The Etsy seller is BJClaysmith.


Everything about your fish is fabulous. The colors, the backing, the fortunes…so great! Thank you for sharing them.

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I LOOOOVVVEE this! What a cool idea.

Ummm… yes! I love this idea. Feel free to send some my way if you dont know what to do with all the left overs lol

If you added them to beach glass it would make a super cool windchime! Or put a magnet on back for the fridge!


Of COURSE they had to be laminated.Who ever heard of a fish that wasn’t waterproof?

I’m trying to figure out how you did the colors…

These are so awesome!



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Some are brush off papers - from when I’m making something else. Some are under papers from sprays and other media. But master boards is a good idea.


OMG are you saying you made these from your GARBAGE?! I did not think they could be more fantastic but clearly I was wrong!