ROUND 2: Craftalongs Challenge - Lettuce Help Our Communities CLOSED

:heart: :man_health_worker:t2: :hospital: :mask: :ambulance: :woman_health_worker:t2: :heart: LETTUCE HELP OUR COMMUNITY CHALLENGE :heart: :woman_health_worker: :ambulance: :mask: :hospital: :man_health_worker: :heart:

Daily life as we know it has drastically changed. Terms like ‘social distancing’ and ‘flattening the curve’, unknown just a few months ago, are now part of our everyday reality. In the face of catastrophe, it can feel scary, overwhelming, and most of all, frustrating. We are crafters. We are makers. We are doers. And right now, there doesn’t seem to be a lot we can do to help our families and communities. But with new recommendations from the CDC, that say we should all be wearing masks when leaving the house, and with hospitals across the country putting out the call for handmade cloth masks, we makers have been given a mission:

OUR MISSION - Protect each other, and protect those on the front lines, by making masks & caps.

The Details:

  • You may craft masks for yourself, your family, your neighbors, or hospitals & healthcare workers. It does not matter who they are going to; they all count.
  • Some hospitals & health care workers are requesting scrub caps or similar hair coverings. These are quite welcome in this challenge.
  • You may enter this challenge as many times as you wish, in batches of 1-3 masks. If you wish to make just 1 mask, that will count as one entry. If you make a set for you you & your spouse, that counts as 1 entry. If you make a set for your kids, you may count that as one entry. If you make dozens for your local hospital, you can submit them in batches of 3 per entry.
  • You must post all your entries here in this thread. THIS ROUND will count anything made starting May 1, 2020.
  • When posting an entry, please use the header below, so I can make sure to count all your submissions.
  • Your entry may not be submitted for any other contest in this community.
  • All entries must be posted by midnight on May 31st.
  • Each submission will get you 1 entry into the prize drawing.
  • At the close of the Challenge, I will use a random number generator to draw two winners from all submissions.
  • The winner will be announced on May 1. I will contact you via Private Message, after the announcement.
  • If cheating of any sort is discovered, the applicable entry and votes will be disqualified.

The winner of the Lettuce Help Our Communities Challenge - Round 2, will receive a $25 gift card to Joann Fabrics, to replenish their fabric stash after the pandemic has ended!

@Magpie’s Fastest, Easiest Fitted Mask Tutorial
@Magpie’s Darted Front Face Mask Tutorial
Georgia Tech Rapid Response Fabric Test Guide
Fitted Face Mask Tutorial (Smooth, non pleated)
Bias Tape Surgical Mask with Nose Wire (Pleated)
Surgical Pleated Face Mask
DIY Surgical Mask
HK Mask Manual
ITH Embroidery Machine In the Hoop Mask
NY Times Face Mask Guide
Face Mask Sewing Pattern (with options for Cricut & Silhouette users)

If you have any questions, or want to chat about your crafting progress for this challenge, post it here! Let’s have fun!

:heart: :man_health_worker:t2: :hospital: :ambulance: :woman_health_worker:t2: :heart: THE WAY WE GET THROUGH THIS IS TOGETHER :heart: :woman_health_worker: :ambulance: :hospital: :man_health_worker: :heart:


Header for submitting entries:

Masks for:
Pattern Link to Share:

Example Entry:

Title: Purple Fitted Face Mask
Masks for: Me
Pattern Link to Share: Fitted Face Mask

Answers to some FAQ:
You said I can submit in batches of 1-3. Does that mean if I make 50 masks, I can submit each one individually and get 50 submissions in the contest?
No. I’m asking everyone here to be thoughtful in what they submit. Think of this in terms of grouping your masks. A set for you & your spouse can be a group. A set for your kids can be a second submission. If you make a few for your next door neighbors, that can be a submission. If you make 50 masks for your local hospital, please submit them in batches of 3. So you could do 16 submissions of 3 masks, and 1 submission of 2 masks, giving you a total of 17 submissions.

My hospital/health care worker friend is in need of scrub caps. Can those count?

Can I use stash fabric?
Yes. You can use stash fabric, elastic, and bias tape. Please check with YOUR hospital that you are donating to, for their specific guidelines on what they are accepting

Do I have to use a specific pattern?
No. You can use any pattern you wish for masks for friends and family. If donating to a hospital, please follow their specific recommendations & guidelines though. They have them in place for a reason, and need to be able to easily clean and sterilize masks & caps.

I have an awesome pattern to share. How do I do that?
Awesome. Just post the link here, and I’ll add it into the list above.

I want to help, but don’t know where to look. Do you have any patterns for me?
I have linked 3 patterns above in the first post, and will continue to add to it.


  1. @marionberries Nursing Home Masks
  2. @AIMR’s Re-open Georgia… What? Masks
  3. @AcadianDriftwood’s Pattern Testing for Magpie
  4. @AcadianDriftwood’s Three Generations Set
  5. @marionberries Nursing Home Masks & ear savers
  6. @Trillian Unseasonal Masks
  7. @Magpie Veggie Fitted Masks
  8. @Cindy’s Purple and Bandana Masks
  9. @AIMR’s Family Comes First Masks
  10. @Abbeeroad’s Three for the Ladies
  11. @Abbeeroad’s Three More For the Ladies
  12. @Magpie’s Choosing Fabrics is Fun
  13. @Magpie’s Sewing Masks is for the Birds
  14. @Magpie’s 23 Masks
  15. @MistressJennie’s Rainbow Tye Dye Masks
  16. @Amazing_784’s AB Masks
  17. @Amazing_784’s AB Masks Part 2
  18. @Amazing_784’s Masks fro Navajo Weavers
  19. @Audania’s Mom & Kids Trio
  20. @Audania’s Frown and Teal Floral Mask
  21. @Audania’s Black & Red Plaid
  22. @Audania’s Gray Floral & Blue Dots
  23. @Audania’s Two Blue Dots
  24. @Audania’s Two More Gray Floral
  25. @Audania’s Stitch!
  26. @Audania’s Strawberry and Flower Fields Forever
  27. @Audania’s Baby Buds and Flowers
  28. @Audania’s Lilo & Stitch Round 2
  29. @Audania’s Mermaids and Stars
  30. @Audania’s Three More!
  31. @Audania’s Family of 5
  32. @Audania’s Pokemon
  33. @Audania’s Fantasy!
  34. @Audania’s Last Two for a While
  35. @RagingSloth’s Do You Wanna Look Like a Hardwood Floor?
  36. @Trillian’s Simple Masks
  37. @marionberries More of the Same Masks
  38. @Jenleahlynn’s Professional Black
  39. @Jenleahlynn’s Light and Dark Purple
  40. @Jenleahlynn’s Harry Potter

I’d like to offer a pattern and tutorial I’ve been working on for a simplified fitted mask with internal filter layers. It’ cut from only 2 pieces of fabric, has one single line of stitching including the nose wire, takes about 20 mins to complete and is very easy to assemble.

Thanks! I’ve added it to the list of resources in the first post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Title: Nursing home masks - current batch of 40
For: Local nursing home
Pattern: by Joann Fabrics
(Previously posted way too late for the last challenge)
I am using up lots of old, bottom of the bin, fabric. Last week’s batch of 29 went to a local hospital/health care group. I had made a batch of darker colors and when we switched to a nursing home where one of my friends is currently living, I wanted brighter colors to mix in. So I raided my “I might use it someday” bin.

There are approx 40 masks here. There may be more by Sunday when the masks are picked up. It’s become a bit of an obsession with me…I think it’s my way of coping with shut-in stress. I am working full time or I would be a very crazy sewing lady.
I need to make blackout curtains for our bedroom, the pinned up fabric “temporary” fix is driving me crazy.


I made a bunch of masks in April . I am not entering them in the contest…just wanted to post them somewhere…

My friend Fran, who donated tons of fabric to me when she moved out her house…

My high school pal and her three little granddaughters and their parents

My friend Sally and her family

My nieces and their friends…my one niece is a nurse…

By my count, that is 83 made for family and friends…I donated another 50 to our local kidney dialysis center…I have one last batch and then, I am done…I am tired…I am uninspired…I just need a little break…


Title: Re-open Georgia…what? Masks
Masks Made for: My friend Nydia who lives in GA
Pattern: Simplified Fitted Mask by Magpie

My friend in Georgia was very upset that GA was re-opening. She asked if I could make her some better fitting masks than the thin ones she had purchased online. With a 2 year old and two teens living in the house, how could I refuse?


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I didn’t get it together in time to post for round 1, but the mask making continues!

Title: Pattern testing for Magpie
Masks for: 1 for my boss, 2 for my friend’s mom, and 1 for her stepdad.
Pattern Link to Share: Fastest, easiest fitted face mask pattern tutorial

Title: Three generations set
Masks for: My friends family unit
Pattern Link to Share:


Update. We delivered over 50 donated masks to a local nursing home. The gratitude of the staff was overwhelming. They are in such a difficult position, they must care for their patients, but Covid 19 makes their lives so much more complex. The Pizza dinner we sent over earlier in the week was appreciated as well!

This week will be more masks for them, then back to the local hospital.


I’d like to offer another quick and easy pattern, as requested by a few people this one has a darted front that allows for different fabrics for front and back.

Title : Nursing home masks - current batch of 30 and about 18 ear savers
For : Local nursing home
Pattern : by Joann Fabrics
This weeks’ offerings look a lot like last week’s offerings, so same picture. I used the same fabrics because I had cut, cut, cut out a whole pile of masks. But I ran out of interfacing. And for the ear savers (sorry, no picture of the ear savers), I ran out of buttons. I used various little bits of leftover fabric for the ear savers.

Things are on order, or I may just add an additional layer of cotton for the next batch. We shall see. Or I may take a week off. We have 4 baby kittens to foster! and they need medication and potty training. But baby kittens. OOOO


Title: Unseasonal Masks
Masks for: Mom, Coworker, & Friends
Pattern Link to Share: Modified Deaconess

Just some masks for my Mom and her friends, plus a coworker who couldn’t figure out where to get one.

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I made masks for a random family…they were a friend of a friend …they sent me this adorable picture…



Title: Veggie face fitted masks (fabric donated by @AIMR)
Masks for: Family of friends who bought a farm last year
Pattern Link to Share:

2 masks each, one of each pattern linked, all 4 sizes. Ear savers, a mesh washing bag, extra ties (cut from nylon stocking, super stretchy and comforable!) and a threading bodkin I got a clever friend to make for easy tie replacement.

There are 4 sets like this one, 37 masks in total going out to friends this week. Now that I’m happy with the patterns I can get cracking on more.


They are awesome…and to provide them with everything they need for safe mask wearing…

I just learned how to tie a fisherman’s knot that allows elastic or ties to be adjusted without having a bead or anything! it is awesome!


Title: Purple and bandana themed
Masks for: Hubby’s co-workers

I made a couple masks for the employees my hubby supervisors and two of the office ladies asked him if I’d make them some. I sent photos of 12 fabrics and they picked the same purple. One lady wanted one for her hubby from a bandana so I just added it to the front of a plain mask, making three layers.


Title: Family Comes First
Masks for: Nephew and Wife
Pattern used: pattern perfected by @magpie

My nephew and his wife are having a baby so they both needed masks to wear once they get out of the hospital. He has to stay with her the entire time as they don’t want him going out and coming back…he is happy with that arrangement, but their 2 year old will be with his aunt and grandma, so everyone is fine…


Title: Three For the Ladies!
Masks for: My mom, grandma, and aunt
Pattern Used: Magpie’s Quick and Easy Pattern with Darted Front

Title: Three More For the Ladies!
Masks for: My mom, grandma, and aunt
Pattern Used: Magpie’s Quick and Easy Pattern with Darted Front


Title: Choosing fabrics is fun!
Masks for: Sister and her boyfriend
Pattern Link to Share:

Mesh wash bag and bodkin for threading replacement ties included.

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Title: Sewing masks is for the birds (and the beasts)
Masks for: Friends with a youngster
Pattern Link to Share:

Mesh wash bag and bodkin for threading replacement ties included.

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